I mean Abbey, your Thrivehivee set up is literally goals, so beautiful, welcoming and such a safe space. As soon as you walk in you know it's going to be a good time. Atmosphere is everything, if I walk into a place and don't feel comfortable the chance of me taking that brave step to be raw and vulnerable diminishes. Especially (not so much with me, but) with people who have trauma in their lives (any form whether small or big), creating a peaceful and beautiful environment even on an unconscious level helps them to relax and open up. So yeah all about that atmosphere, from the cosy couch with thoughtful blankets (whether inside or out), to tea and food offerings and just the inspirational set up. Of course no one is going to open up and be vulnerable to just anyone, and you facilitate this process so lovingly and with empowerment.

I loved the session, from the beautiful warm tea to the way you personally picked out my quote cards and crystals.The way you tailor your sessions to everyone's different perspectives and level is a real skill and helps to form trust and respect even if there is difference in opinion/perspective.