Intuitive Focus Coaching

I would like to acknowledge and pay respects to the Yugambeh land that we reside on. Thank you to the ancestors of the Yugambeh people and thank you to my ancestors from the Wiradjuri Tribe for paving the way before us and through your strength and courage, made it possible for us to continue your work today.


My name is Abbey and I am the founder of Thrivehivee.⠀

I believe we are all channels to the universe. Sharing in divine spirit to complete an everlasting cycle.

Our soul is reminding us of the patterns to which me must alter. 

We must translate the language of the universe to continue the cycle. 

My job is to support you in RECOGNISING, UNDERSTANDING and INFLUENCING patterns. 

To recognise is to see, to identify, a pattern; like awakening to a truth. Understanding is taking this truth and deconstructing it, unpacking it to translate and absorb. Influencing is allowing a truth to flow through you and directing, shifting and altering the pattern before exiting you. 

This sounds all really airy-fairy and the big picture is. But my job is to help you focus in any and all areas of your life. To unpack and deconstruct habits, thoughts, repetitive behaviours and fears. 

It isn't easy work and that's why it's important to not go through it alone, someone that is going to provide accountability, reason and courage. 

You can change your life you just have to start. 

Your focus is your intention. Intention is magic. 

Focus on intention, create magick