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40% of your actions are not decisions but habits

Habits are something we create from continuous actions. Every habit we have, good or bad, is a behaviour we have allowed. If we want to change a habit we have to consciously retrain our subconscious minds to break the behaviour and introduce new actions. Every time that you lean on the habit it is your opportunity to have a conversation with yourself and break it.

That is your opportunity to exercise the practice of creating a new habit.

You won’t remember every time but consistency is key. Every small ‘no’ adds to the big moments. If you are capable of having a conversation with yourself to identify your triggers and the underlying hold that they have over you; it will allow you to develop a language that directly translates to the ‘basal ganglia’; and that will ultimately be your new habit.

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"Habits are found in an area of your brain called the basal ganglia. The more often you perform an action, the more it gets physically wired into your brain. This amazing adaptive quality of your brain is known as neuroplasticity. Your brain forms neuronal connections based on what you do repeatedly in your life. Every time you act in the same way, a specific neuronal pattern is stimulated and becomes strengthened in your brain."

- Thomas Oppong

Habits are also one of the easiest ways to practice goal setting and accomplishing. If you set a goal’ of breaking and creating a habit and everyday you are working towards achieving that, it will build your self credibility and confidence to tackle your big long term goals.

If you can train yourself to not check your phone for the first 20 minutes of your morning you can absolutely dedicate yourself to work on those long term goals of paying off debt or running a marathon.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month and the beginning of a new quarter; Have you thought about what you want to achieve this month? What have you done to ensure you are set up for success?

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Be the best version of yourself

Try everyday; you deserve it



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