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10 things I do before bed if I’ve had a shit day…

Ok let’s be real these 10 things I do to comfort myself, and because we are in isolation, I feel like all day we are ‘doing whatever we want’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are loving ourselves.

I have put this list on my vision board as a reminder of things I can do if I am feeling like I need to end my day with a little extra love.

I challenge you to create a list of your own with up to 10 actions that you have identified and acknowledged as acts of self love.

10 things I do before bed if I need some extra love

Some of these things I do already every night before bed but it’s important to practice being present and mindful in the process. Sometimes I get a little crazy and even tell myself I love myself when I am doing these things.

1. Wash my hair

2. Shave my legs

3. Wash my face

4. Play calming meditative music; there is so many playlists on spotify and once I put the music on it’s a signal to my brain that it’s time to wind down. There is also a setting on spotify that lets you set a timer to stop playing the music after so many minutes; which is great because sometimes I’ll fall asleep meditating.

5. Put fresh sheets on the bed

6. Moisturize my body

7. Moisturize my face; these are two different steps because I don’t always do them both like I should …

8. Journal; I have my weekly journal but when I am feeling really stressed I love to dump all of my thoughts or feelings onto a piece of paper.

9. Read a chapter of a book.

10. Take magnesium; I’ve recently started taking this before bed; it was recommended to me to help staying asleep and I love it!

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