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And just like that; it's March

When I comes to writing this monthly blog, I always start with asking myself, 'what are my intentions for the month and how can I share value to this community?'

This month I feel a purpose of drive and determination. Considering this year, January acted as a warm up, February was a time to practice and play with what was working and now this month is our month of traction.

I have also talked previously about this year being the year we see growing pains in the areas of life that we worked so hard to shift last year.

All last year we worked on expanding our horizons, pushing boundaries and discovering new comfort zones and new normals. This year our 'normals' are setting in and we are going to feel the discomfort and in some case, consequences, of the actions and shifts we have put into place. We have entered this year with a subconscious commitment to want better, to be better and to practice better.

So far we have been acting out this, 'doing better and getting good' momentum. Now that you are better and good, how good can you be?

This month, we must continue journeying on in the direction we set out for at the start of the year. We are going to get tired and feel like we have been climbing up a hill working for our best selves this year. The universe and the brain, they love 3's. This is the 3rd month and we have nearly completed the 1st quarter.

This is not our time to give up or slack off, when it is the 3rd and final leg of the race we know that all our hard work will have been invested wisely. Sure the old you would have given up and gone back to sleeping in or having loosely set boundaries, but this month we have an opportunity to reward ourselves with a reminder of how far we have come, of everything we have dedicated and committed thus far.

By focusing on digging our heels in, letting the universe know we are committed and on a mission, this is when we are able to recognise and acknowledge how much easier the hard and impossible things used to be.

This afternoon I have sat down to write this blog, something that previously has taken me 10+ hours to do, I felt tired and drained, knowing this is something that is time consuming. As I am sitting here I have noticed that in not even 12 months, blog writing has become much quicker for me. Sure my typing may have gotten quicker, however it's my mindset that has strengthened.

Like muscle memory in the gym, as I begin to type, I feel access to memories of having the capacity to write and finish blogs. I am confident as I have done this before and am aware that the only way to do it, is by actually doing it. I dig deeper and call for my inner resources. Not only do I have confidence and evidence in memories of being able to complete a blog, I have inner resources that activate pathways and muscles, to enhance my thought processes and engaging in the action to deliver a well thought out, value-adding and captivating blog post.

My reward is knowing that this is getting easier and less time consuming, I feel my overall story telling and writing language is improving to a level that adds a deeper level of value to my audience's life.

And I just think, what a great way to enter into the month, doing 'January Me' proud by maintaining this level of commitment and continuing to grow my skills by practicing what is hard.

This Month's blog is going to share how I am going to be nurturing and growing my new and existing skills around certain life areas and how I can look for small rewards or celebrations in the blessings I have gained along the way.


Mindset Model

Move Your Body

Self Care Challenge

Girl and Her Moon

Wise Words


Commitment requires motivation. Motivation is inspired by action. Action completes the commitment cycle.

Something we talked about in my most recent life coaching trainings, for this concept, there are two ways of think and we typically favour one over the other.

There is big picture thinking; these are the dreamers, the visionaries creative directors.

There is small picture thinking; these are accountability masters, the plan setters and the detail oriented.

Both have strengths and weaknesses, and what we talked about in the teachings is practicing to nurture both ways of thinking, enhances both strength attributes and allows us access to a middle ground of ultimate productivity and versatility.

Going into the month I have considered my big picture goals that I set out for earlier this year and the relevant life categories and have used a habit tracker I purchased from kikki.k to nail down what regular little actions I want to track through. This is the same concept as creating non-negotiables, and this month I am encouraging to join in me in focusing on committing to the non-negotiables and tracking your consistency.

Here is the habit tracker I created around my goals and this is the link to one on kikki.k's website, by all means feel free to create your own in canva or use a ruler x

Habit tracker


How would you serve that purpose? And how would you serve that purpose? And then, how would you serve that purpose?

This is a way of questioning I have stumbled on to that is really getting me to unpack what small, direct actions contribute to the purpose of my bigger thinking.

Right now I have some serious weight loss goals and to me it serves a purpose of a fitness goal and how would I serve the purpose of my fitness goal, personally it is gaining muscle. A direct action of going to the gym would serve this purpose.

Here I am. This something that I already do and have been doing for the last 2 months. For me to gain traction I need to take my dedication up a notch.

I have a weight loss goal and going to the gym serves that purpose. Regularly going to the gym serves that purpose. Building muscle and progressing to moving heavier weight, regularly, serves my weight loss goal.

To move heavier weight I must first define the weights I am using now. How can I serve this purpose?

Tracking and recording my exercises and the weights I am using.

I regularly find myself reaching a fitness goal and then getting comfortable that I have achieved something and then fall off the wagon before even giving myself the chance to take it the next level.

This month I want to track my exercises and record my progress because I want to challenge myself to prove how good I am with evidence. I love going to the gym, I love exercising and working towards my goals, so much so that I don't feel the need to always 'try'. If I am not 'trying' how do I know how good I ever really am?

I put tracking my workouts into my habit tracker and my reward is going to be a new notebook :)

I used to track my exercises over a year ago when I was getting bored in the gym and started being coached for a body building comp.

This isn't always super easy because your hands tend to get sweaty and they cramp up after holding weights. I recommend spending the first part of your workout warming up and writing out your exercises with set and rep expectations and current weights. And as you move through your workout you only have to right the weight and number of reps.

I also love to have the current weight or time written, to motivate me to get the same or better.

Full Disclosure; I did not prep this page, this is from an actual workout hence the messy

This doesn't have to be done for gym purposes, maybe this is how often and the duration you are doing yoga, or meditating, maybe this is tracking how long your walk goes for or how long you slept. Pick something you think you are actively doing that you consider yourself good at, and track it. How good are you really?


Sticking with the theme of finding a common ground between big and small picture thinking and focusing on the small actions we can be taking to contribute to our own bigger picture;

This month's self care challenge is to drink 2 bottles of water a day or equivalent to 2l.

Make a habit tracker and find a purpose that drinking 2 litres of water a day serves. Let this purpose be relevant to you. Hydrating and nourishing your body. Being a role model for your kids. Proving that you can drink 2 litres of water a day. Track it and see if it makes a difference to your skin or your energy levels.

We are in this together, and when I do this for the month I am going to treat myself to a new drink bottle!


What to expect from La Luna this month from Girl and Her Moon


Going into March I am sending the courage to focus on the sight of direction and work to rewarding yourself with practicing what was once hard or impossible.

The universe and life will continue to send us the same scenarios until we respond differently.

March is a month of growth.

Happy Growing!!

I am so looking forward to everything Thrivehivee is bringing, including another Mindset Masterclass, Moon parties, Enlightenment Series and a whole lot of love.

As always thank you for reading my blog and supporting my dreams.

All we can do is try; so we have to try everyday.

You deserve it.



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