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May last year, we were all in lockdown and everything was so crazy I just wanted to be able to offer some of my knowledge. I started creating and sharing a Monthly Mindset Layout in a PDF document and since moved them into a monthly blog.

If you have been following for a while you would have noticed that the blogs have not been as often as they used to be... I actually really miss them and somehow still talk myself out of posting them?

We are in lockdown again and I am reminded that something I loved spending my time doing was, creating those monthly layouts. So I am taking the message from the universe.

The purpose of this layout is to share resources and tools I am using to set up my month. You will find conversations on perspectives and what is relevant to my mindset practices. I will also share reflection prompts for you to use and prompts to create your own affirmations. And it wouldn't be complete without something witchy 😉 So expect to find a lunar calendar from girl and her moon, where I share my favourite crystals and a self care challenge for the month.

As always, your life is what you make of it and you can use this or not, it's your choice. This is a tool or a resource that you have access to. If you are upset in a few weeks that you never do anything for yourself or your life is out of control, don't complain that you don't know where to start because the universe has brought us both to this page; me to guide you and you to do something with the knowledge.

With that being said I love knowing what you think of the layouts and what jumped out at you. Let me know on my insta or message me through the website to keep me updated!


Mindset Model


Self Care Challenge

Girl and Her Moon

Wise Words


Let's talk about a real life practice to shift your mindset.


Reframing is the practice of taking your view, or your perspective on a situation, moment, relationship, thing, anything that you can have an opinion for, and 'repositioning your stance'. Reframe your view.

Isn't this the whole point of 'mindset'?

Yeah, lol, it is.

This practice works with the belief that YOU HAVE CONTROL of how you receive the world.

First things, first; I am challenging you to find 'labels' that you have in your vocabulary.

Labels are words that feel 'definitive' and almost absolute. I am going to list a bunch of labels that we regularly use; for some readers these may be used by to describe themselves or others may have used these labels to describe them. Some of these words will resonate with you in positive or negative ways. The labels that you feel nothing for are sometimes the easiest to start reframing, however we will get there in a second.

Labels you may already know and associate with;

  • Professional

  • Strong

  • Healthy

  • Happy

  • Spiritual

  • Intuitive

  • Caring

  • Sensitive

  • Confident

  • Hard Working

  • Busy

  • Maternal

  • Qualified

  • Funny

  • Helpful

This is just a quick list off of the top of my head, there are so many more that we all use. Don't stop here!

Now I am going to work to reframe 'happy' as it is an easy one. Whenever I am trying to pull something apart I ask 'What does that actually mean?'.

What does happy, actually mean?

Happy is a feeling or an emotion that, for me, is simple. For me it isn't a real 'deep' feeling and so to be 'happy' seems easy. To feel happy to me is to, 'simply be happy'. None of this lands with me and people always seem to say to me "You're so happy all the time"...

Rather than being insulted or brushing this off here is how we reframe. Imagine your perspective is a cookie cutter. Your reality is made of cookie batter and reframing allows you to juggle your cookie cutter and make whatever shape of cookie you want, as many times as you like, from the same batter.

Take your cutter and move it over the batter; What is the opposite to happy?

Sad, angry, timid, unfulfilled.

Move it again. What is the opposite to sad? Angry? Timid? Unfulfilled?

Unfulfilled = Content

Timid = Confident

Angry = Settled

Sad = happy?? There's that word again.. (makes me cringe)

The labels that we put on ourselves or on others can have an effect on how we turn up and can be associated with a standard that we must meet.

When someone suggests that I am 'always happy', I can feel this pressure to be simple and 'easy going'. This actually is not who I am, however doesn't mean that I don't want to, 'be happy'. Using this reframing exercise is a way for me to redefine what happy actually is and how does it feel for Abbey to be happy.

I hope you can appreciate that I am sharing this for you to redefine your own labels. Just because it does not resonate with you doesn't mean you can't want that label or that you cannot work to gain a label.

So far I have worked out that happiness for me, includes contentment, fulfilment, confidence and it feels comfortable and settled.

Now when someone describes me this way or I am trying to mould myself into this, 'happy Abbey', it doesn't need to be a term of simple emotion that has come easily to me. I can turn up settled, and content. Now if happiness is something that I am looking to add more of to my life, I know the best place to start is in a place that allows this level of comfort, and fulfilment first.


How do you expect to know how you are if you never ask?

Reflections, simply put, are a way for you to assess where you are and what's next. Beyond that, this practice allows clarification, validation and closure.

Here are some of favourite reflection prompts; I challenge you to choose 10 to and be completely selfish in your answers and make sure to physically write them down.

Pay attention to the labels you use in your reflection answers and apply your curiosity to the words you are using to determine your feelings and efforts. Remember you only need to choose approximately 10 prompts to answer.

  • How would you sum up your past month in 3 words?

  • Justify your 3 words.

  • If you were talking about the state of a friendship relationship, how do you describe your current relationship with yourself?

  • Where do you think you gained balance in your life this month?

  • What is currently out of balance?

  • Out of 10 rate your effort to yourself over the last 4 weeks. 10 being you couldn’t have tried any harder, 1 you didn’t even care.

  • What was 1 highlight, relevant to you, from your month ?

  • What challenged you this month?

  • Who are you grateful for right now?

  • What were 3 things you focused your energy on?

  • What was 1 thing you did for yourself?

  • What are you most excited for right now? In any area of life

  • What are you working towards right now?

  • What do you want to accomplish in this new month?

  • What are 3 things that you have learnt this month? Good and bad.

  • Going into the next month, who is in your support system?

  • What do you want to ask for help with and who can help you?

  • What words of wisdom do you have for next month's version of you?


Maintaining this idea of redefining my labels I am working this into the self care challenge this month.

Move my body everyday.

Whether this is something you already do or working to do, what label does this fall under that resonates with your life?

For me, I would label moving my body everyday as; organised, able, willing, mobile, happy, committed, generous.

All of these labels are standards that I have established within myself and whilst moving my body raises me to meet these standards, I am going to set a challenge for all of us, for the remainder of August to at least, move our body everyday.

Like everything I share, it's on you to follow through.


What to expect from La Luna this month from Girl and Her Moon


If there is any wise words I could ever say, I would always want them to inspire you to challenge your perspective in a way that takes you out of your own head.

We are all born the same, sure some with more family than others or more money, maybe even different physical conditions, however we are all born into this earth rapidly working to make sense of every situation thrown at us.

What determines how you, and others, label you is how you react in life. How you project yourself into your life.

Things have not been the same since 2020, and most of us have accepted that it will never go back to 'normal'. Going forward you have learnt now that all you can control is you. Lockdown or no lockdown, money or no money, gym or no gym; how you turn up regardless of these situations is how you show your values, your standards and how you define your 'label'.

I encourage you to unpack the labels you have this month and use these to guide you through being versatile.

Like a tree, your leaves will come and go with the sun, the wind will try to sway you, even carrying seeds in all kinds of directions, but like a tree's roots, your values and your spirit will keep your rooted to the ground beneath you.

Here's to another powerful month and working together collectively to raise our vibrations and create a new world.

Thank you always for supporting the whispers of my soul, my dreams, and reading my blogs. I have opened up dates for upcoming moon parties again as well as readings and consults, I am always here to offer wise words or a hype up, you just have to reach out. And with that I leave you...

All we can do is try; so we have to try everyday.

You deserve it.



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