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Blackout Binge

A few month's ago, when isolation and lockdown first kicked off I released my very first layout with some tip and tricks I use myself to stay away from the 'blackout binge'. Coming into the holiday season and society discovering it's new normal I myself am trying to practice eating consciously again and just thought this was worth a reshare.

Starting with..


How many times have you gone to do the groceries, seen the chocolates and said ‘these aren’t for me these are for the kids’ and you purchase the chocolate to take them home. Maybe you don’t eat them right away. Maybe it’s 4 or 5 days. But you eat them, even though you said you wouldn’t.

Let me tell you something, of course you feel like shit after eating them.

Not because you ate them; but because you told yourself you wouldn’t.

Something I am practicing;

Don’t set yourself up to fail by telling yourself you aren’t going to eat it if

you will.

1. If you know you are going to eat the chocolates and then yell at yourself for it, don’t even buy the chocolates!

2. If you still want to buy them, acknowledge that you’re allowed the treat! But

that you’re allowed the recommended serving size.

You want the food. You buy the food. You eat the food. Only difference is now you don’t have to feel terrible because you already knew you would.

Moving on to..


We have all been there and in a few week it is going to be Christmas with our houses filled with delicious treats, (and rightfully so).

I talked in a blog earlier this year about rewiring your brain to create habits, and how retraining your brain to exercise different muscles is something that has got to be worked on. It isn’t easy but it is not impossible.

The challenge here is to create a moment of pause before the binge even begins and have a conversation with yourself.

This is typically how my self dialogue would go;
Am I actually hungry?”
“No but I really want ice cream.”
“Have some water and wait 20 minutes”
**Has some water waits 20 minutes..**
“I really want some ice cream”
“Have a piece a fruit first”
“I don’t want fruit”
“Those are the rules”
**Eats fruit and then ice cream.**

What works for me is sometimes I don’t even make it to the ice cream because I couldn’t be bothered to eat the fruit or after 20 minutes I don’t care and it’s not worth the argument. But when I do make it to the ice cream, I know that this is a conscious decision I have made, and not only did I avoid a binge, I had a piece of fruit for the day and some water!

I talk constantly about taking control of just one meal for your day and by choosing to eat consciously we are able to practice this control.

I am not a nutritionist or a health professional but I spend some time just comparing labels in the supermarket to educate myself in making these food decisions. I am not promoting that you count all your foods, unless that is a part of your goals, but I do recommend, if you are going to eat ‘bad’ foods and then feel shit about it; take some pressure off and be confident with the food YOU have decided to eat, and when you are being mean to yourself remember it isn’t the worst thing ever because you could have had Ben and Jerry’s but you bought the low fat ice cream and had an apple.

Some of my fave low calorie snacks include

(Full disclosure I am a Coles girl so have just linked it to the Coles website for reference)

YoPro Yoghurts; these are great because there is legit nothing in them but protein and protein keeps you fuller for longer. There is other protein yoghurts on the market but this one has the lowest carbs and fats with loads of protein.

Buttermilk Pancakes; Pancakes are always on my breakfast menu and this one is the lowest in fats and carbs at Coles.

Sugar free syrup; There is nothing in this. (Obviously there’s stuff in it but there’s not carbs, fats or proteins and barely any calories.)

Coles Vanilla Ice cream; Ice cream is my love language. Ben and Jerrys Phish Food is my kryptonite. However, one average serving of Phish food has 14g fat, 38g, Coles ice cream has 2g fat, 15g carbs

Streets Paddle Pops; Rainbow flavour is my favourite but both chocolate and rainbow have the same stuff in them.

Sunrice cakes with peanut butter; This is one of those things that you can have too much of.. Have the conversation with yourself and decide on the serving size.

I hope this helps you regain your control and enstills a sense of power of your snacks.

Happy conscious eating!

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All we can do is try; so we have to try everyday xx


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