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Counting Compliments

I am currently reading, The Kindness Method, Sharoo talks about how our self talk directly impacts our self belief. I really connected with her perspective on how hard it can be to receive compliments and if we can't receive them from our closest friends and families how do we expect to be able to receive them from ourselves in our darkest moments.

I loved this concept so much I created this activity in for my MID YEAR PLAN.

Disclaimer I am not going to publish every activity from my plan but thought we can all do with a little self confidence boost.

When many of us are asked to give ourselves a compliment we find it difficult to think of nice things to say about ourselves. When we struggle to build ourselves up and strengthen our self belief, we rely on what we believe others think about us.

Knowing this is why it's important to acknowledge, that it is worth accepting the compliments from others if you are unable to do it for yourself.

Sometimes it can feel a little awkward to openly agree with someone when they compliment you, however I am challenging you to allow a moment to let your emotional wall down and welcome that feeling in.

After doing the opposite for so long this will take practice but baby steps count!


Practising in the small moments makes it easier in the bigger moments.

I get lots of compliments on my nails and I started saying "thank you, I love this colour too"; that one is really easy because there is truth in my answer.. I would not have chosen

the colour if i didn't like it..

When people compliment me on my weight loss journey it can be a little awkward, when someone says "you look great".. "thanks, I love my new body too!" isn't always

a welcomed response. 

Instead I have found that it is something that I am proud of because of my efforts, and I

will admit to that to justify why I am accepting the compliment; "Thank you, I have been working really hard."

Over time this practice has done wonders for my self belief and building my confidence because I know that I have worked bloody hard.

I mean why not accept the compliment? Life is too short to not let people tell you how great you are.

The purpose of this exercise is to acknowledge your positive traits and use them to lift yourself up, girl.

Knowing this, if you think your friends hair looks bomb, TELL HER!

If you want those around you to start complimenting you more; lead by example. I also find that giving compliments has made it easier to accept them because I can honestly say that I go out of my way DAILY to compliment people around me.

I think of it like an 'I OWE YOU' to the universe. For every 5 compliments I give, the universe has to owe me at least 1.. right?

However this whole concept would be lost if you weren't able to receive the compliment yourself.

Stop replying with "Oh, no my eyeshadow looks terrible today but thanks anyway.." Instead try, "Thanks GF, I've been playing with some new colours." Another bonus to having a justification at the end; it allows the conversation to continue moving.. "Really? What palette have you been using?"

All we can do is try so we have to try everyday

You deserve it



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