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Halloween, Samhain or Beltane...

Which one is it?

Today we see people all over the world celebrating Halloween and it is known to be one of the only days of the year that witches and other worldly beings can wander the earth.

Pinterest witches LOVE Halloween!

I am writing this blog from Australia, and Halloween is only getting more festive here so I became curious as to why Halloween is such an 'event', and beyond that, if this is some magical evening, how do we access it?

I have been dabbling with Wicca and following a call to understand how it works.

Here's what I have learnt or experienced myself so far;

  • Wicca is a pagan religion - a nature orientated religion that emphasises the changing seasons. Wiccans refer to this as, 'The Wheel of the Year'.

  • The 'Wheel of the Year', has 8 notches, 1 for each new season, (4 equinoxes), and then 1 notch midway between, (4 solstice)

  • Seasons move with the rotation of the Sun and Moon, and are celebrated with 'Sabbats'; a Wiccan holiday.

  • Sabbats are celebrated during an equinox or solstice.

  • Wiccans worship, some or all (there is no right or wrong), god and goddesses, that carry masculine and feminine energies.

  • Sabbats include traditions and story telling of these gods and goddesses.

So, dependant on where you are in the northern or southern hemisphere will depend on which sabbat traditions you would follow, or goddesses and gods to work with. However, you can do both together, if you understand the energies and forces you are working with and proceed safely.

Today is the 31st of October, which is celebrated in the northern hemisphere as a holiday, Halloween.

Halloween came from a Celtic festival known as 'All Hallows Eve'. 'All Hallows Eve', would have the Celts working to ward off the dead, evil spirits and witches. This festival originated from Samhain.

Samhain, is a wiccan sabbat, which we just learned is a wiccan holiday.


FUN FACT: Pronounced "sow-en" and is the Irish word for November.

On the "Wheel of the Year", wiccans see this time as the third and final harvest of the year.

The death before the rebirth.

It was believed that the god of death was out this night, walking the world with the souls he had collected.

Wiccans welcomed work with this god and would use this time to celebrate and call on those who had passed over.

To this day, Samhain is celebrated with some wiccans setting seats at the dining table for passed loved ones, with meals and all.

This is a masculine energy and witches use candles, and fire to enchant their divination process when calling in their known spirits. This includes creating altars with ancestor or loved ones' belongings and symbols. Disclaimer: Always do your research before playing with this stuff to ensure you are practicing safely. Playing with these energies is no joke and should not be taken lightly. With that being said, those who master this know that it is a process of love and strength.

And while I am telling you what not to do.... Do NOT get any ideas about Ouija boards. Dead serious; they are DANGEROUS for inexperienced and unknowledgeable users. (Pun not intended 😂) Beltane

Not so overwhelmingly fun fact; Beltane means 'bright fire' or 'fire celebration'.

Being in the southern hemisphere, we are celebrating the sabbat, 'Beltane'.

Wiccans tell stories of the goddess and gods uniting their sexual energy. Defining this as a fertile time in the 'Wheel of the Year'.

Unlike the Spring equinox, 'Ostara', which is determined as 'playful, the gods and goddesses are believed to be mature during this time and their union is mature, thus welcoming an air of joy. Witches also included lots of feasting to replenish this creative time.

Halloween, Samhain or Beltane; we have access to both today and you are free to celebrate however you choose. If you do decide to do any practices or rituals during this time, you have access to both a death and birth.

Now is great time to remember your loved ones, feel them around you, and pay respect to their journey. You may also feel connected to whatever home means for you as this is a time to celebrate ancestors also. I recommend researching the original custodians of where you reside and practice, and do an acknowledgement of country. (Keep your eyes out, I will be doing a post and sharing an acknowledgment of country in my soon to be released, 'Ritual Guide'.)

I suggest using tools or altar decorations that match the energies you want to call in to support you. You also have the power of creation today. If you choose to do a practice, harness the support of your loved ones and set clear intentions of which it is you would like to birth into your life.

As always, I am here to answer any questions I can and to continue to share safe practices and experiences. You can reach out to me on insta or email me direct through the website 😊

Sending big love to you all, and have a blessed sabbat.

PS I am also hosting a virtual new moon ceremony this week; it is open to everyone! Register here x

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