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Hello and Welcome 2021

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Surrender to the cards you are dealt. It’s from that surrender that you get your power. - Beyoncé; Class 2020 Graduation Speech

Woah so 2020 hey?

What a way to break into a new decade.

This year started with some major energy that had us all eagerly welcoming in endless possibilities but who could have imagined the shift we would all go through.

I'm unsure of where to even start this blog because, chronologically, everything is a messy blur. Honestly this year was an absolute whirlwind.

My 3 words to describe 2020; Insightful, Rebirthing, Cycles.

Insightful because, I learned ALOT. About myself, about the world, about race, about the environment, about my loved ones and this year I have accepted that I will always be learning.

On every level we were all affected somehow this year. I can visualise a pheonix, a mystical bird creature that burst into flames, burning every layer of the being until there is nothing but a pile of ashes. This year tragedies were carried out on international and national levels that stripped our spirits. And on personal levels the universe sent us all some major shifts. But in the end, much like a pheonix, from tragedy comes a rebirth; a new beginning.

Finally I chose cycle because ultimately that is what we are in; physically and spiritually we continue to transition through a repetitive cycle. This year I have learnt, each month we work through emotional and physical energies that call pull us home only to push us back out. Beyond that I have recognised the pattern of a year and the cycle of the seasons. This is the first year of a decade, and the beginning of a decade brings rebirth, and with all birth brings insight.

A cycle.

My 3 words to describe 2020; Insightful, Rebirthing, Cycle

One of my reflection questions featured in last month's Mindset Layout,

"What did 2020 bring into your life?"

2020 welcomed the courage to be vulnerable in exchange for rewards in all areas of my life.

The courage to be vulnerable with Tom welcomed a genuine feeling of love and admiration. We have been pushed and pulled this year and being vulnerable with one another allowed us to grow on a deeper level and I am going into 2021 knowing that this was one of my favourite years with Tom yet.

The courage to make some major work moves welcomed the birth of my dream job. I am constantly putting myself out there to be rejected and that vulnerability inspires my courage to keep pushing through the glass ceiling I have placed on my life.

This year it has taken some real courage to reach deep into myself and question everything I know. To answer honestly has taken vulnerability that required healing. Where I have spent my time healing, I have connected to myself, and I feel home.

I feel really empowered and truly proud to have a want of a bigger perspective. To want to understand the value of what we an encounter and use it to grow;
This enlightens me.

This blog is also a little different because this is my first 'Monthly Blog Post' and I will be sharing themed content to inspire you through your month. The themes are; Move Your Body, Mindset Model and a Self Care Challenge. These topics will no longer be featured in a Monthly Mindset Layout and rather here on my blog 😘


Move Your Body

Mindset Model

Self Care Challenge Wise Words


Ground Breaking; what I am doing to get back on track this January

This month I want to practice getting into my routine again. I am working towards some new fitness goals and I like to think of January as a warm up month. Where I practice as much as I can so that I can workout any actions that are working positively and any actions that aren't working, going into February.

To warm up getting back into my routine, the only way I know how to do that is by being organised. Here's what I am doing this January;

  • Meal Planning. If I know what I am eating later, I can push through grazing on everything until I can 'put something together later in the day...'. Over Christmas I haven't even had the food in the house to put something together. It's time to start planning meals ahead of time again so I know what I am eating.

  • After I know meals I am having throughout my week, I know my ingredients and can create my shopping list. No more excessive treat purchases I am sticking to the meal plan in the grocery store.

  • Meal Prepping. This isn't the funnest jobs, but I know for a fact, when I have prepared portioned snacks and meals in the fridge ready to go, I know that I don't binge or skip meals.

I have posted about meal planning in the past and any hacks that come up throughout the month I will make sure to share. In the mean time here's to making it happen and getting organised with these 3 simple commitments.


It's all about balance

This is a life balance wheel; it is divided by the different sections of our lives. Consider each category and how it applies to your life. (Category 'physical environment' is your home space and living arrangements). Rate yourself for each category on a scale of 1-10; 10 being your highest standard and 1 being the your lowest standard.

The purpose of this exercise is to show where your balance is and assess areas that you would like to improve to further your quality of life. Rather than looking at the areas that you want to improve and aiming for a full 10, I want you to think of how you could improve them by just one.

What is the minimum that you could be doing to make that area of your life 'better'?

I use this exercise to set my non-negotiables. Non-negotiables are little actions we can take throughout a week that allow us to work towards making that life category better.

I aim for 5 actions I can do throughout the week, as a non-negotiable, that I know I am capable of completing even on my most UN-motivated days.

Eg; Life category- Physical Environment. Right now I am out of sink with my laundry and having my washing on my bedroom floor in baskets all the time is really draining me.

My non-negotiable that I know I can complete on my most UN-motivated days would be;

'Committing to putting all household and personal washing away 1 day a week.'

On my most motivated days I put my washing away as soon as I am done with it, and I am still free to do that, but I also know that if I have had a crazy busy week and I've not spent time doing washing, I would be happy if I had spent 1 day minimum to put it away before the new week.

Going into January get clear on what little steps you could be taking to bring your life up a notch and commit to PRACTICING those little steps. Do your life wheel and work it out.


You can, legit, do anything

This month's self care challenge is about pumping yourself up. If 2020 has taught me anything it's that dreams can become a reality, however our fear stops us. Too scared to quit that job, too scared to ask for more, too scared to want more. It just takes one moment of faith to know that your spirit is always with you and will ALWAYS support you, and this moment deciding to just go for it..

I challenge you to, come up with a list of everything you never thought you'd do, or moments you made it through that you never thought you would and write them down.

What have you achieved in your lifetime?

Let me help you;

Did you graduate high school?

Did you graduate university or college or tafe?

Did you get a drivers license?

Have you given birth to another human being?

Have you created a home?

Have you let someone into your heart enough to promise them your lifetime?

Do you have a job?

Have you moved cities?

Have you ever gotten over a heart break?

Think about everything you have ever achieved and this month's self care challenge is to not only write it all down but continue to add it throughout the month.

You can do ANYTHING. You've proven it to yourself 100 times over and you will continue to do it everyday. Pay attention to all your accomplishments because you are a walking miracle. The very fact of the biology of the exact sperm meeting the exact egg to create you is a freaking miracle and take that into your stride everyday. Every one of your accomplishments deserves to be celebrated; make sure to keep adding to your list.


Before you go off into the new year, take some wise words from 'Abdawwg'.

Coming into this year I just had the idea, with no direction, that come Easter 2020 I would leave my job, have found a part time job in who even knows what industry..., come September I would have competed in a body building comp and I was potentially going to study to be a Professional Fitness Trainer, ready to be working full time training clients in February of 2021... There was major energy for change and that's where I was channelling it.

The dream was, to get out of working for someone else and push for major change to cement my future life. ⠀

Obviously things got shut down, including the competition. ⠀

We all had to stay home and that’s when I committed to Thrivehivee. ⠀
This beautiful opportunity of time had been given to us all and I felt like I didn’t have a choice but to succeed. ⠀

Along the way here’s 5 of things I have learnt this year;⠀

  • Literally the world can shut down, and you are still your own decision maker.⠀

  • When I look at my plants waiting for them to grow, they don’t. When I just focus on nurturing them in their still moments, they surprise me with a new leaf. As humans we have a cycle that operates the same. When we are still, we grow the most. ⠀⠀

  • “Living is your birth right” -Beyoncé ⠀

  • I have the ultimate power to create the life I want but I have been living scared. I’m no longer scared of change and I’m not scared be rejected. ⠀

  • I also learnt I like coffee, I now own way more activewear than anyone really needs to..., and friends are so important but they require your effort.

  • Living with your heart open, feeling everything means you feel all the hurt but it also means you feel all the joy, the colour and the love. Living with your heart open means you live in love.

  • Knowing you are supported and that you have faith the universe is always on your side, does not entitle you to 'guilt free' or 'pain free' life. Knowing that you are supported means knowing that you have to hurt to heal to grow and to know you are supported is to have faith that your pain and your hurt, was ultimately all worth it.

Everything we endure has a purpose; nothing is ever a coincidence because we are always exactly where we are meant to be.

Heading in to 2021, in moments of the unknown, moments of discomfort and pain, I have faith that I will always come out on the other side and will thank my experiences for teaching me invaluable lessons that reassure me, everything was worth it.

Starting my own business during a pandemic has been such a blessing as far having quality time with my dreams. I like to believe that one of the main reasons I have come to be the person that I am today is my work ethic.⠀

My work ethic towards myself and my life.⠀

I am a hustler.⠀
A go getter, a dreamer, and a believer.⠀

I am a goddess.⠀

I started Thrivehivee because I began to realise that this work ethic towards life isn’t ‘common knowledge’. But it should be. And I want to share this incredible feeling of life, of living through my heart’s decisions, I wanted to share that with other women because we are all goddess’!

We can all be dreamers and hustlers!⠀

I am sending major high vibes to you, going into 2021. If 2020 taught us anything it's that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. So what have you got to lose?

Get organised and spend January warming up for a great year. Have a conversation with yourself about your life balance, work out your non-negotiables and start reaching your actual potential. Use your accomplishment list to remind yourself on your bad days and on your good days that you are a f*cking miracle.

Start living miraculously.

Magic is real if you believe;
Let's make this the year of belief

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