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Hey June; How you doin'?

With a new month comes new expectations, new intentions and our new ‘normal’.

Last month I can celebrate my very first Mindset Layout, accepting my first ever mentees into the Thrivehivee and designing and selling my Mindset Cards. Going through May I didn’t feel much pace to be honest, it still had a pretty general ‘in limbo’ kind of feel to it. And then I woke up today and I feel ELECTRIC.

In last Month’s layout, Jordan from @girlandhermoon said that May was going to act as a cacoon for us. ‘However slow, it looks on the outside, great transformations are taking place within’.

This week just so happens to be my first functioning week with Thrive and some of my ‘usual’ jobs and responsibilities and I feel as though I have levelled up; like I am ready to conquer my next chapter. I’m hungry for progression now.

I saw this quote about a week ago when I was doubting myself, and I thought ‘RIGHT?!’ As usual, just the thought of how Beyonce’s music makes me feel brought on the ache in my chest for how much I love her!

I wanted to repost the quote but have been hanging onto it knowing that she deserves more than a caption. Beyonce needs a blog post.

When ‘crazy in love’ first came out, I was 7, and I was at my girlfriend’s house; her mum was laughing at us dancing around. The mum asked ‘can you do that dance that she does?’, it was the ‘krump’, and straight away I was like, ‘if I can’t then I’m going to learn!’

I always listened to destiny’s child but when she released the ‘Sasha Fierce’ album in 2008, someone gave it to me for my 10th birthday, and I was so hooked on the fact that she had this FULL alter ego..

I could go on forever about all my favourite Beyonce moments in my life; like how all my teachers would ask me, ‘what are you going to be when you grow up?’ and my answer was always, ‘I am going to be Beyonce’. I was so convinced I was going to win Australian Idol and that would be my career.

It was about year 12 when I was old enough to audition. I so wasn’t ready, I dropped out of my choir the year prior and I was no longer involved in the school musical and I remember I really did compare myself to her in that moment.

And this is where my real obsession began.

I started to think about how from the moment that Beyonce could talk she was singing and performing. She looked up to a legend, Michael Jackson, and said ‘I want to be him one day’. I thought about everything that it meant for her to be who she was. Destiny’s Child first started when she was 9. The dedication, the commitment of that woman; to me she was a legend. I thought to myself, 'I have not even given myself a chance to audition by practising or having lessons. Beyonce would have had an entire routine ready!'

So obviously I didn’t audition but my admiration shifted again when in the same few months of graduation she had released her self titled album and it was about how hard it was for her to continually have the pressure of female stereotypes and insecurities that come with fame. This is the album that Flawless and drunk in love is on. And since then I couldn’t help but just love her more and more.

I love that she is committed, she is disciplined and she has worked her way to be BEYONCE. There’s the legends of their genres, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney, Celine, Eminem and there’s Beyonce. She went to her first Michael Jackson concert when she was 9 and said ‘I want to be like him’. And beyond that, she became BEYONCE. Queen BEE.

What I probably love most though is that she is 100% herself. She wanted to be a music legend; and in a generation where we have nearly 100% access to our celebrities, I haven’t seen photos from Beyonce’s birthday. She doesn’t need to share that. We don’t hear about the music that she is working on until the day she releases that album. She has created her own empire. Tidal is owned by Jay-Z, her music is released on tidal for 24hrs before released on any other platforms, and even then, it doesn’t go straight on spotify.. that is some serious boss moves! It drives us in the ‘Beehive’ crazy! But that’s who she is. And like Mariah, Beyonce is unapologetically a diva too. And I love it. However, B still manages to be humble with her sponsored orphanages that the media don’t talk about and how she started the movement to have the first ever female African American shoot a vogue cover, that Beyonce featured on.

So going into June, I feel a level up; I feel a transformation and my theme is going to be Beyonce. The qualities I value are her diva-ness, her work ethic and drive, but also her humbleness. With this in mind I am going to use that as my filter. ‘Is this something Beyonce would do?’ This doesn’t mean I am going to live like Beyonce for a month, COVID will not support me financially for that; For me; beyonce represents my values.

When I ask ‘is this something Beyonce would do’, I am really asking; ‘does this qualify as humble?’, ‘Did I work hard enough to be upset that I don’t have that?’, 'Am I willing to work as hard as Sasha Feirce would?'

I challenge you to acknowledge the positive values you see within your role models and use this month to live like them.

Here’s to a new June and living like humble royalty with a side of diva.

All we can do is try; so we have to try everyday



PS 2 More major Beyonce moments in my life; 1. I walked down the isle to 'Smash into you' (maybe i'll sing it on my insta one day ;) ) 2. In February this year, Spotify named me in Beyonce's Top 1% of fans.

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