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How swearing less taught me to choose crystals intuitively.

Strange headline, I get it, but stick around to the end and you might reconsider how you regularly choose your words.

A few years ago I surrounded myself with contexts and people that would use profanities all the time and I picked up the habit of using this language, to a point where I found myself in a situation... embarrassed about a word I had used.

Can confirm, swearing does not help.

I specifically remember google searching 'how to swear less'.

There was one quote or perspective that really resonated with me; of course I cannot find it now for the life of me but it went something like this;

Intelligent people don't need to swear because they can think of adjectives.

This was one of those quotes that personally offended me. Like insinuating as if, 'I wasn't smart enough to think of descriptive words?!'

In my competitive nature, I started to really slow my speech processing down and made a conscious effort to consider how to actually describe what I was talking about because I was smart enough to use adjectives.

Shocking! I have also always been referred to as 'dramatic'... and learning to think before I speak, and choose the right words, quickly added a level of credibility to my conversations.

So how did I do it and what the hell does this have to do with crystals?

Considering my credibility held me accountable to a standard of truth and motivated me to find the correct adjectives when communicating.

I love telling a good story so I had to make sure I had good enough words!

First thing I did when it came to learning adjectives, create a moment of pause, and allow myself to consider my thoughts. That in itself has added so much value to to my conversation skills; allowing me to really listen to the person and connect with how I choose to respond.

When I give myself this time, I encourage myself to take myself out of my perspective and consider;

'This person wasn't there or hasn't experienced this, what do I want them to know? They have no context other than my words, what picture do I want to paint?'

Taking control of the conversations and stories I have with people has given me the power to consider and stay connected to my perspective and feelings.

Okay, so knowing my motivation was to communicate from a place of honesty and describing how I feel, I had to then figure out how to know how I felt.

I practiced using my intuition to tell me.

During a conversation this is how it goes for me;

I begin my story or response, I imagine how I feel, or what I felt, heard or saw. Then I think of a descriptive word. Once I have the word I imagine that feeling or that experience, in complete exaggeration.

A word like 'joy' for example.

For the purpose of this blog, close your eyes, slow your breath down and imagine a complete exaggerated feeling of joy.

What does it actually feel like?

Warm. Light. Light hearted. Carefree.




Spending time knowing what the word is allows opportunity to consider if that is the true feeling or experience? Was it light and warm? Was it carefree and happy? Does that match the story?

The more I practiced this, I was able to learn the true meaning of words and understand how to communicate without needing to fall into the bad habit of profanity, because I used my intuition to find adjectives to describe what I was talking about.

We all have intuition. Our intuition is the practice of feeling. Feeling is connecting. Connection is communication.

When we speak through our feelings and our intuitions we are speaking from our hearts.

Learning to communicate from your heart and your soul is setting your soul free, liberating those around you, encouraging them to do the same and speak their heart language.

There are so many obvious benefits to cursing less and even if you don't, see this as a challenge to grow your vocabulary and test your intuition; practice describing feeling.

With all of this being said. I have been subconsciously doing loads of different things, daily even, to build my intuition over the years , and it has lead me to using crystals, and sharing my gift of feeling and connection, through choosing stones.

Now that I am practicing and growing my intuition I am able to picture the person I am choosing crystals for and can recognise what I feel when I picture them.

While I have them in my heart, I can hold it, and breath deeper, calling forward the most prominent feelings. With these feelings I can hold a crystal in my hands, and in my heart I am able to match the energy of the crystal right or wrong to the prominent feelings of the person.

Using specific adjectives makes the crystal choices much more accurate because I can pinpoint specific blockages or support areas.

Ever been out shopping and you have just felt the need to purchase something for a friend or family member? Like it belonged to them?

It feels the same. That is your intuition.

Practice makes perfect but at the end of the day everyone has feelings. And the more you challenge yourself to describe colours, textures, feelings, smells, the more other people will relate to you. We have all felt the same things but it's sometimes not until somebody relates that we realise a connection.

Not only has speaking from my heart been great for communicating with other people but I soon learnt how to carry this into my manifestations and dreaming. When I ask myself how I want to feel, I can generally answer the question because I am used to holding conversation in this heart space.

Work on having conversations with your intuition. Feel what you are talking about, be in the moment and speak your soul language while opening the floor for those around you to do the same.

If you liked this blog I would so love to hear what you enjoyed about it. Please feel free to message me over on insta or leave a comment.

I hope this helps you to start to play with and grow your intuition on a daily basis. There is magic everywhere we just have to believe.

All we can do is try; so we have to try everyday.

You deserver it.



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