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How to be Motivated for a Home Workout

Before all this craziness happened I had consistently gone to the gym 4-5 mornings a week for nearly 4 years. When the gym closed I was upset about losing access to the equipment but was confident in my knowledge to workout at home and didn’t for one second doubt that I wouldn’t feel like going…

It took about 2 weeks before I was really worried that I didn’t want to workout anymore and I didn’t care about my image.So I thought about all things I used to do in the mornings before and at the gym that I took for granted. I used to love listening to my favourite playlist blaring while I was hyped on pre-workout driving to the gym. When I got to the gym there was usually music playing and then I would spend a few minutes to stretch while I wrote out my program.

After thinking about this list I considered what was within my control that I could ‘recreate’. Here’s what I came up with

  • First off, taking pre workout; I don’t know why I just felt guilty about taking it for an ‘at home workout’ but here I am, at home, having a great sesh!

  • Listening to my favourite playlist while I get dressed; I had never considered how music I listened to before my training session and I cant help a dance warm up.

  • Taking the dogs for a walk before my workout; I can’t drive to the gym but it feels like I was missing a step and leaving my home and then coming back gives me a sense of readiness.

  • PLANNING OUT MY WORKOUT; I have no idea why I didn’t start doing this earlier when I used to do this at the gym! I get so distracted at home and just forget what I am doing or visualise an exercise only to convince myself I don’t need to do it and then forget it ever existed… So having it written down is like a guide or a plan that I have to stick to.

I also, recently, had a great conversation with one of my dearest girlfriends about deciding REALISTIC non-negotiables that we would like to achieve daily. We talked about how its important to make these broad to help you on the days that you need to make exceptions.

Here's some of my non-negotiables;

  • Move my body. This covers a home workout, a walk with the dogs or dance cardio workout.

  • Drink 2L water a day. This also covers natural teas and supplements.

  • 6-8 hrs sleep. This has really helped me keep a sleep routine even after the nights I have stayed up or slept in.

  • Eating meals. I have been creating a habit or setting a reminder to eat similar to the times I would eat if I was working. I can also justify snacks if I have had a decent meal 😉

I think it’s so important to have a plan and give yourself guidance. So I challenge you to come up with 3 non-negotiables you are going to stick to this week going forward, and tag me on insta!

I hope you get to take some of these actions and they help you with your workouts but I also hope that you uncover some new things that are going to work for you too.

No one can set yourself up better of success than yourself.

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Be the best version of yourself

Try everyday; you deserve it



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