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How to practice your intuition

'What is my intuition?', 'I don't even have that'..

First of all, everyone has an intuition. It's the feeling in your belly that you associate with the 'knowing' of something. It is sense that we are all born with, to feel and to know, typically, as we get older this feeling and knowing is less and less exercised. It becomes numb and that is why you don't think you have one.

I have honestly always had these 'gut' feelings, but I think back to an example that we can all relate to and I am reminded of a time I broke a dinner plate. I was in the kitchen alone, I dropped it, it smashed and I tried to hide it in the bin. Later that evening my mum called my name with a tone that gave me an instant 'knowing feeling', that told me, she found the plate. Surely enough when I entered the kitchen, there she was with the broken plate.

But how did she know I broke the plate? How did she know it was me? I have 2 brother's it could have been any of us.

Call it a mother's instinct.. or call it her intuition.

Try to think now back to a time that you, 'just knew'. Maybe it's a time that you knew what you needed wasn't going to be at the grocery store or 'I bet it will rain that day we try to do...'. These all sound like simple enough examples because they are!

You feel on your skin when you are cold or hot, you see what is in front of you so you don't walk into stuff; your intuition is the same; it is a sensory feeling.

'It's like riding a bike, you never forget how to'; true, however doesn't mean the first time you jump back on after a few years that you're not gonna wobble. Maybe only for a minute you wobble and then your muscle memory takes over and you begin to find your balance but you're still not confident enough to go racing down hills with no hands again.

Your intuition is the same.

You never forget or 'lose' it, however it can be numbed if not exercised.

I have been delving so much into spirituality this year and learning so much and an interesting concept that I have come across is in discussion to our ego.

I have mentioned the 'ego' a few times in my manifestation and mindfulness cards and the concept I am beginning to understand is that our ego is, in fact, our conscious mind.

Let's pull that apart for a second and acknowledge what comes to mind when we consider our ego; to be 'egotistical'. Over confident? arrogant? possess an attitude?

Ponder those traits. Understand that they come from a conscious part of our mind.

Our ego is our conscious mind.
But where does our conscious mind come from?

Our conscious mind is shaped from social constructs and a section of our mind that we associate with logic. This logic is what clouds the feeling of knowing, and the more we do this the more we train ourselves to rely on logic over intuition.

Soooo, when it comes to being an adult and practicing our intuition we must first practice looking for opportunities to question our conscious mind; our ego.

A perfect example of this, and it is quite common, is listening to what our body is asking for when we are 'hungry'. You can start by asking, if you are hungry or are you thirsty? Our conscious mind wants us to be hungry because logically, if we are hungry that means we can eat something tasteful, but if you try to feel the depth of your hunger you can find that your body is, in fact, thirsty.

Let's stay with this example; okay so you've worked out you are definitely hungry, now what are you hungry for? Practice giving yourself options and imagining that you have eaten that and what it feels like in your body after. Does this match/soothe your hunger? Does it make your mouth water? Your intuition will tell you what it is that your body is hungry for.

Another example; think of a time someone spoke to you that annoyed you. And lean into that feeling of 'annoyance'. Is annoying the right word? Maybe offended? Or is it disheartened? Hold the feeling and try to match the description of that until you can describe it in a way that is true to how you feel.

Every time you do an exercise like this you are using the sense within your body over your ego. Your intuition is like a rubber band that needs to be stretched out. Or go back to the riding a bike scenario again. It's wobbly at first, you might get tired and even consider giving up, but every time you try again you get stronger and eventually, you'll just 'know' and be ready to race down the hill with no hands on the handlebars.

Learning to feel your real feelings is a service to your heart which is your soul. Your intuition is spoken from your soul through your heart.

Like in Disney movies, 'follow your heart'. That means to follow your soul, your intuition. The more you exercise and practice this the better you get.

This is how I read cards, I practice turning off my conscious mind, what I want the card to mean, and instead I feel what the card means. Once I can hold onto the feeling I can try to match up what the message from my soul is actually telling me.

You don't have to go off and start reading cards, but you can always use your intuition in your life, even the logical parts. Like if a job promotion is meant for you, or a friend is the right support person for you right now, or if your child has broken a plate and tried to hide it.

Soon enough you will be able to learn to move through your life communicating true to your heart and your intuition.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

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All we can do is try so we have to try everyday, you deserve it



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