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How to tailor your vision board to your love language

Your love language is a universal language that translates directly in the way you receive love and how you give love. Have you ever had a disagreement with a loved one and you feel like you are banging your head against a wall, that there is something not allowing them to understand your point of view? This could very easily be because you are both speaking different love languages. There is so much information online about the languages and how to use the language of those around you to tailor how to love them. There’s even ways on how to use it at work to team build and for our children to encourage their learning and discipline style; however I am yet to find how to use our own language to love ourselves.

Imagine that.
Identifying the tools and techniques that you practice on your loved ones to ensure they feel loved in a way that is complete, identifying these practices and directly applying them to yourself.
To love yourself completely.
I have chills just thinking about what that would mean for an entire population to genuinely and completely love themselves.

Why do you need a vision board and how will it translate to my language?

A vision board is a place where you are able to visualise your schedule and to do lists, it is a very popular tool for manifestations and visualisation by making your dreams and goals into a clearer ‘vision’ and most of all it is a personal creation. There are no rules to vision boarding, and the beauty is you can use it for whatever you decide.

This is why I encourage a vision board, because I feel it is one of the easiest organisation and inspirational tools that translates to all 5 love languages.

I want you to create a board that every time you look at it or update it, you feel completely inspired and connected to your heart intentions.

I can’t tell you how to do your board but I can give you some tips on how you might start considering your language throughout your creation process.

Words of affirmation; this is one of the easiest because you can cover your board with affirmations. There are loads of different ways you can write affirmations and these are some of my favourites; writing from a place of gratitude, thanking myself for working hard to make Thrivehivee a successful business. Try writing a visualisation, I see myself on a ‘step-and-repeat’ in a gorgeous formal dress, Tom is next to me and we are having our photo taken. We are attending the Gold Coast Entrepreneur Awards and Thrivehivee has been nominated. I enjoy writing a kind letter to myself encouraging my efforts. Dear Abbey, I am so proud of you. Everyday you try and everyday you inspire someone else to try for themselves. You are changing lives.

Gifts; If your primary language is gifts try putting images of what you will gift yourself when you have reached a checkpoint. If you regularly get a pedicure for example; why not put a pedicure voucher on your board and use it as a reward for when you have completed a certain task?

Try to think of your goals, things you want to accomplish and dreams you want to create.

Now imagine some of the possessions you will be able to gift yourself or others around you. Put those on your board. These could be images of your dream home or car, or it could a written letter to yourself of what you want to be able to donate or contribute to your community. If gifts is your language consider what life will gift you along your journey; you can choose your gifts you just have to work for them. Decide on what gifts you are working towards and put them on your board.

Acts of Service; can be very similar to gifts, however the drive behind acts of service is the thoughtfulness. Try putting images or stories, and letters to yourself about a thoughtful act you are going to do for yourself. One for me is celebrating my 1 year in business, February 2021, with a reading from Girl and her Moon. This is a gift for msyelf but it’s more of a special one 😉

Acts can also tie easily in with Quality Time and Physical Touch by creating an interactive board.

For example when I signed up with my first coach in September of last year for a body building comp, she said I needed to cut 15kgs before we could even begin training. It sounds like a lot of weight but I put a lot of thought into defining the finer details and consistently repeating them to work towards a bigger picture.

I created a habit tracker that required me to tick off daily and weekly 'details', that turned into habits. I also had a gauge that I had broken into kilogram goals with dates and I shaded it in as I went. I have also done this approach with paying off any bills or savings goals.

The point is to create a something that requires you to interact with it, that links to your love language. The habit tracker was an act of service because it took a lot of effort to create the tracker but also to then carry out the habit. By the act of physically filling it out I was able to touch it and then even choose what colour I was shading my weight loss gauge with.

And furthermore to create Quality Time is allowing a space that gives you a sense of ‘quality’ in your time. NO distractions with phones or tvs and close the door if you can.

Personally, quality time and words of affirmations are my top 2 languages; I don’t really update my board more than every 4-6 weeks at a time but when I do I put a lot of quality thought and time into it and by using my own handwriting, colours and themes, I have personally chosen or created, it triggers the same emotions from creating it when I look at later on.

With my weight loss goal I never got to the 15kgs; but I got to 12kgs and every time I looked at it I was reminded of how far I had come. I used that moment as a way to affirm my efforts and love for myself.

This is the connection I want you to admire and work towards when creating your vision board. Use your love language, to create a board that translates into exactly how you receive encouragement, inspiration and optimum organisation.

Now you can start mapping out your vision board.

Start with a mind map or bullet point list of anything and everything you would ever want on your board. Now try to find any commonalities and slim your list down to those and create 'categories'.

I typically refer to my focus categories from the Life Balance Wheel.

(This is an activity featured in my MID YEAR PLAN.)


Family/Home Life/Romance

Lifestyle/Dreams/Purchase Wish Lists


With these being my main 4; I break down what I want in each of them and using an A4 piece of paper, I draw a visual plan of where I am going to place everything on my board.

I imagine a grid broken into as many sections as there is categories, and use this to decide on your placement of each category.

Now use your love language to inspire how you will display what is going into your categories. This is when you decide on if you will use handwritten letters of affirmations for your goals or a check point tracker, what ever you use know that vision boards can always be changed and practice makes perfect. If you hate your schedule system this month; you can always change it next month!

All you can do is try; So you have to try every day.

You deserve it



PS my MID YEAR Plan is still available for purchase x

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