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I always knew I was a little 'special'

'Witchy things' always intrigued me. Ever since I can remember I have gotten excited over the idea of spells, ghosts, communicating with those who have passed on and telling the future.

I have experienced several spiritual awakens at this point in my life and looking back, each time I 'awoke', I have gained a stronger connection with my true self.

This time has been different.

In previous experiences I have had with my awakening, it has been after I have spoken with a ghost or met an angel sent to guide me. And each time I would become terrified and giddy at the same time. Overwhelmed with excitement because I had a 'gift'. Then I would dive straight into whatever research or courses that I could find. Only to really come up empty handed.

After these awakenings, and my senses have settled, usually this connection I have with my 'gift' almost becomes numb. Untouchable.

This most current awakening wasn't with a ghost or angel; it was with my soul.

I started the Thrivehivee in February, lock down happened in late march and by April we all knew life was never going to be the same again. I thrust myself into creating this incredible community and network of empowered and empowering women which was to be my very own business; through sharing my journey and my experiences.

As I began doing this, I felt the desire to discover myself again. And as I have been learning tools and understanding ways of connecting with myself to share with the Thrivehivee, I have triggered my very own Spiritual Awakening.

I always thought it would be so cool to do readings and speak to individuals about their past, present and futures; I just never believed I was 'experienced' or 'qualified'.

After playing with my smudge stick, connecting with my crystals and doing a moon meditation, I truly felt connected with myself. And while in this place of deep connection I received a message;

'my job was not to know the answers to other's questions. My job was to be able to be a channel to the messages and pass them on. And being a channel was my qualification. That message was my experience'.

The difference with this awakening, I still feel completely giddy but I am not terrified. I feel as though I am a goddess armoured with a light, provided to me by the universe, and that it is my job to protect and to serve my fellow goddess'. I feel as though I am ready to face the fight of life with courage that I will always survive as long as I remain true and connected to myself.

I have since owned the title of Lightworker and am here to continue to spread light and love.

I now regularly reconnect with my soul, and my inner goddess and one night I decided I wanted to share this experience, and from there evolved moon parties, goddess kits and manifestation cards.

After grounding myself I asked spirit to assist me in writing manifestation cards for the women a part of the Thrivehivee. I said I would pull 10 cards from my 'Goddess Deck' (This is a reading card deck I purchased and did not write.) And I would use those 10 cards I pulled to prompt me into writing manifestation cards for the Thrivehivee.

I believe that our journey's, our experiences, our stories, these are our light and beyond that is our soul. And having a soul makes you a channel to this light, thus making us all goddess'.

I poured so much love into these cards and I intend on you to use them to guide you and support you when you need to feel connected to yourself. Nothing is every a coincidence and neither is the messages on the cards.

I am so excited to have owned my new title as a Lightworker and am really looking forward to sharing my journey and guiding those around me.

Please always feel free to message me for support in your spiritual awakening and know that NOTHING is ever a coincidence.

You are a true goddess and are capable of everything you could ever imagine.

Find my manifestation cards here

All you can do is try; So we have to try everyday

You deserve it xx


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