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It's a full moon this weekend; better keep these on your radar...

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

With a full moon due to present itself this weekend, I wanted to share some things you can expect.

I want to start by acknowledging that lunar magic is real and if you have found yourself on this page, I presume you believe so too.

As the moon goes through it's cycle, when the moon is at it's brightest and fullest in the sky, it's energy is also peaking.

What we know about lunar energy is that it is related to the divine feminine energy, drawing energy from the element of water.

From these 2 principles alone we can understand that working with the moon comes offers an air of wisdom, empowerment, self connection, maternal healing and nurturing. With this flow of energy trickling through us, we are cleansed, washed from stubborn negativities and strongholds.

Dependant on the phase the moon is dependant on the energy we have access to, however, whether you utilise it or not, the moon will still follow through with it's own cycle.

Often people tap into the moon to find a 'deeper connection' or a 'deeper message'. With all the power to be harnessed and sent to you, through connection or message, you have to be open to receiving. As open and ready as you may seem, La Luna will call you on your bluff.

La luna is supportive in bringing to us which we need most, however don't be surprised if she takes away your rubbish stories and excuses.

A full moon in it's peak can rattle our foundations, loosening what is not secure, allowing opportunity to hold onto the loose dirt or let it blow off in the wind. When La luna decides to work for us, you will be surprised where you start to notice her playing into effect.

You may find yourself complaining about a task you would usually be displeased doing, like paying your car insurance, and before you know it, you find you have crashed your car, now relying on your insurance... the universe, divine feminine, la luna, the moon; she's testing you 😉

What about when you finally stop checking to see if that person has responded because you're sick of wondering if there's something wrong with you... and what do you know... guess who just messaged you? It's a test!

Working with moon magic is a healing practice. You must be just as willing to turn over release, as you are, willing to receive. What you say is taken literally and it is your responsibility to remember what you asked la luna for.

You can't be upset when you say, 'the only reason I haven't finished my painting is because I haven't had any quiet time lately'... and then your bluetooth speaker breaks at the same time you go into a state wide lockdown because the universe will test you, because she knows, just like you know, 'quiet time' isn't why you haven't finished your painting.

I am a planner and I love to be organised; it keeps me focused. With the weekend fast approaching here's how I get through managing myself during the peak of a lunar cycle.

  • Expect the need to declutter and embrace the cleaning.

Knowing that a full moon likes to first release, I find it productive to stop and declutter, leaning into the comfort that is refreshing every 4 weeks. Usually stopping my work to clean may offer distraction and cause for an interrupted work day, however around the moon I am able to lean into my intuition and reorganise or declutter spaces I feel called to.

  • When old memories and emotions return, recognise now is the perfect time to purge stubborn feelings and perspectives on how we remember things. The element of water is always going to symbolise the flow of emotion, and as the shift in cycle moves the energy in our bodies, emotions and triggers are brought to the surface.

It pays to be curious about what does come up for you as this is usually a sign that what does play out for you, is baggage that your soul wants you to offload. However, La luna is no push over. She won't give your baggage to another, only she will take it away and only when you are ready. Applying your curiosity can encourage a shift in perspective and feelings allowing them to be freed.

Ask what it is that you missed and what do you still need to learn from those hard experiences that continue to return to your mind.

  • Old habits and negative talk return to offer a test of our commitments.

If you have celebrated the new moon or simply welcomed new habits and new lifestyles in the last fortnight, expect to be tested. Oh, you've been going really great with your eating? How committed are you to not eating sweets?

Expect to be invited to a birthday with a desert buffet. The trick is to know that La luna isn't testing you because she doubts that you want to implement a new diet. She is testing whether you are doing it for the same reason you say you are. If you feel like you are faced with another road block in your goals, question if this is testing your purpose, or what you say your purpose is... don't be shy from the idea that you may be lying to the moon and yourself.

The next thing I want you to be aware of around the moon changes; managing others.

  • Understand that those around you, whether they acknowledge it or not, are going to be going through their own 'purging-process'.

Just as you feel the need to tidy up, and 'turn over a new leaf', those around you feel the same. I know it's easy to slip into, not wanting others to clean in your spaces, or questioning the convenience of your husband deciding to mow just after you have hung the washing out. I beg you to let those around you purge as well. Know that their vibrations are throwing their creature comforts out and cleaning and tidying is a way for them to recentre.

  • With emotions high, conflict is bound to happen.

This is usually relative to a deeper issue that can be linked to an old situation or previous scenarios. This isn't always about you directly and can be an opportunity for you both to regain clarity to release, or an opportunity for you to nurture each others emotions. If they are reliving all of their cringy memories, it's not your fault that you can't remember something you did to hurt them, just the same as it isn't their fault they can't remember what hurt you. Treat them the same you would want to be treated.

Listen, acknowledge, confirm or deny, apologise if necessary and hug it out. Allow closure for you both.

  • The universe will give you the same scenarios and conversations until you react differently.

Repeat disagreements, arguments and strongholds are opportunities to move on and heal. If you had to listen to the other person and translate what they are communicating, without listening to their words, what are they actually asking for?

I remember snapping at Tom last year when we were arguing about how I made a coffee. It started to get more heated as we continued to disagree about coffee, until I finally exclaimed,

"It's not about the coffee!"

All of us go through a transition around the full moon.

My advice is to work with it. Remove your judgement and let your body do what it's gotta do. We go through this cycle every month. You will never ever relive these days. Feel what you have to feel, manage yourself in real time and know that nothing is surface.

Lu luna, water, the ocean, depth, heavy.

Let it all go so you can swim back up to the shore once more.

I also have a moon party this weekend that I host in person however have done many via zoom.

Reach out if you feel called to work together, otherwise make sure you show your support in subscribing to my blog x

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