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Let your values out weigh your insecurities

Today I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the Thrivehivee. I have butterflies and a need to scream from the roof tops about what I have created.

I am so grateful for all of you for being so open to my page and content and I can’t wait to keep sharing and growing with you all.

Thrivehivee is something I had contemplated for a while and it’s crazy to think that maybe I never would have even ‘tried’; but I am at a point where Thrivehivee now has no option but to succeed.

Since being in isolation, like many of us, I have had a chance to reassess the balance within my life and I have always felt like I was meant for something more. Something more than managing 9-6 in retail; even then its never 9-6, it’s the late nights, it’s the weekends but what really destroys me is the love that I have for my girls and I only want them to live their dreams. And while they’re at Uni or studying I feel like it’s my job to remind them that retail isn’t their career; they have bigger things coming and when it’s time for them to graduate and move on I am elated for them. But then I’m left managing back in retail while they go and live their careers…

I didn’t know what Thrivehivee was going to be and I never could have imagined that in 12 short weeks I would have a registered business name, a website, having rotating clients for consults and then today, I released my very own Mindset Cards!

On days like today I think ‘imagine if I had never even tried?’ So many times in our lives we are given a choice to fight or flight; where we are given an opportunity to decide what is more important, our values or our insecurities.

For years I was PETRIFIED of heights and lead up to Tom’s 21st birthday we were going on a cruise and I had a ‘brilliant idea’ to surprise him with skydiving. I had the tickets booked for 6 weeks and I kept saying to myself ‘just don’t think about it’. When it came to the day I was like ‘Sh*t I’ve gotta jump out of a plane!’ but it was one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had. Tom was so scared and shocked I even had the courage to jump first. And I am so glad I did.

For years I had upset feelings about the idea of potentially being married, having a wedding and who would walk me down the isle? So when it came to planning my day I was anxious because in my heart I knew I wanted to walk myself but traditions and the expectations that ‘the lady in the white dress needs to be escorted’, can be very pressuring. However, I held my head strong. When I stepped out of the limo my mum asked if I needed her to walk me and I quickly spit out ‘no thank you’. Then when I stood at the top of isle by myself I was counting the music because I didn’t have bridesmaids and no one walked before me. While I waited for the those few minutes, I had a chance to start freaking out with the poor limo man (lol) Then I took a deep breath and reminded myself of my heart. I truly believe I was never anyone’s to give away. I was always Tom’s and he was there waiting for me. That moment has easily made the ‘proudest moments list’.

Since I was a little girl I have loved to sing and perform. Surprise 😉 it was always a dream of mine to serenade my husband on our day, and I did. I practiced with the musician a few weeks before and when it came to the night and she called me on stage I could have vomited. I’ve been in several musicals with school and outside of school performances but standing in front of 40 of my closest friends and family I was so nervous and I even came into the song a bar early! But all I remember is Tom just standing in the crowd grinning ear to ear. What a moment we both shared and can have forever.

All of the moments I have just mentioned were highlights of my life and every time I had a chance to say no. To back out and let my insecurities take over but I chose what I valued instead.

Imagine if you had never tried to learn to drive? All the places you never would have visited or seen and now you can’t imagine living without a license. What about the extra curricular that you would have loved to have ‘tried’ at school? I wanted to do gymnastics... You will never have those opportunities again.

What are you not ‘trying’ right now? Imagine a life where you actually never ever reach the ‘when I’m ready’. If this saddens you then you’re letting your hopes and dreams get away.. Life isn’t waiting for you to be ready. Covid isn’t waiting for you to be ready.

All you can do is try; so have to try everyday.

You deserve it

AR xx

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