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Lifting the Veil ✨

This is a phrase used in spiritual context often, but do you know what it means and how it is relevant to you?

I see this term come up a lot in the spiritual community, and it is one that did intimidate me for years. I didn't understand it and wrote it off as irrelevant to me.

When I googled the definition to share;

I heard this term the first time someone did a tarot reading for me. At the time; I marked it as not necessary to understand. I was very early on in my spiritual journey; almost 7 years ago now.

I have since seen it mentioned with astrological shifts (lion's gate etc), holidays and celebrations (Halloween etc), and with rituals and tools. People talk about ghosts coming out, spirits walking the earth, portals opening and with Halloween approaching later this month, we'll see this term circulate again.

I am also witnessing a trend ripple, with an intense pressure to understand and practice all parts of your spirituality, 'while the veil is thin', using it as an urgency tactic; whilst I encourage exploration of your gifted connection; if something aligns for you with ease, step into your play. However, if you feel pressure to do things at certain times in a disciplined manner, consider how not partaking in a practice might make you feel.

The veil is also referenced in a context of it having already been lifted in someone's spiritual journey, or an experience to anticipate throughout your spiritual journey.

Just before my first tarot reading, I had a dangerous experience with an entity that attacked me. This was a horrific experience that climaxed about 8 months after I had moved into Tom's family home. This evil energy tormented us in ways I thought were only possible in the movie, Paranormal Activity. Convenient timing had us leave the house and the nightmarish entity behind us. One thing was for sure, Tom and I, both couldn't deny our experiences and that Tom had been targeted for several years in the home before my arrival upset it further.

(When I can protect the energy in this blog efficiently I aim to share more about this experience.)

Our belief in spirits, ghosts and something otherworldly, was cemented.

Fast forward almost a year later, I was feeling really grounded and I had the need to reconnect with my grandmother who I had lost contact with. It had been several years since we had spoken and when I called her we chatted for hours.

Sometime during our conversation she mentioned she thought I might reach out, "...a lady in the community living, had a dream about you. She told me that my granddaughter would call me and that you were a beautiful girl. She wants to meet you when you come next.."

This was so crazy to me because we hadn't spoken in ages and this random lady had, had a a dream about me?! It was only a few months later we road tripped the few hours to visit nan. While there, nan took me to see this lady. In my mind, I thought we were just popping over for a tea on the veranda, but when I walked into her home I could see she had a plush velvet cloth covering a section of her dining table, sat atop were crystals and a deck of cards.

This lady was straight into asking what spiritual experiences I had had, and I remember her talking to me with a familiarity that made me think she knew me deeply. I shared with her my most recent experience with the evil entity, among a few other smaller things.

When she began the card pull I didn't know when it would end, she must have pulled at least 20 cards for me.

The cards shared the journey I would embark on with no real timeframe, more of a generalised view to the blueprint of my life. She referenced things from my childhood that there's no way she or my nan knew before me walking into the small room, she even connected in to my dog being my spiritual guardian, which only confirmed that this lady was ON TO IT. I had goosebumps the whole time.

We reached a point in the reading where the cards told her I would experience darkness, loneliness and sadness. A time that was dangerously low, and isolating.

She reassured me that I would find myself, and when I did, I was going to step into a goddess energy, describing a powerful third eye opening and me walking around with a halo of energy radiating from my crown. She could see that there was other women around me creating an empire. That this was my purpose and so it had been several lifetimes already.

I felt so empowered and on purpose. How was it possible that this lady had had a dream about me, that led me here, to have this card reading... could I have the potential to be a goddess?

The next sequence of cards had us all lean back from the dinning table.

I can't remember what the actual cards were because all I was focused on was the seriousness of her tone.

Her message stated that I would open my eyes to the spiritual world, however only after a long resistance. She described it as if we experience life with a veil covering our eyes, and when we open our third eye the veil lifts, making our vision clearer. The cards were telling her that due to my lengthy rejection of gifts there would be dark energies on the otherside waiting for me; they were going to come to me in nightmares, and masked creatures.

We talked again about the entity and we both agreed it would be included in what was waiting.

Before leaving, this incredible lady gave me courage to believe that the darkness would strengthen my halo of energy and give trust in my empire. I would be ready if and when the time came.

I refer to this lady as a torch barer in my life journey. When you look at your life map, there are roads that take you to the most magical places and adventures, directing the course you travel. And along the way there have been people who hold a torch for you. Holding your light, ready for you to find it when you are lost in the darkness. Unsure of your forward direction, there is a torchbearer. Usually in the most unexpected form of person, someone there to light your path and send you off with your torch.

We all have torchbearers, appearing in moments that required us to pivot.

After this fascinating reading, I met a few more of my torchbearers, each of them calling me to practice my gifts and open my channel. No matter how excited and passionate I was, I always felt a fear of lifting the veil. Early last year I had the awakening this women had described. All of this incredible energy flowing to me and around me. I nurtured my gifts and found courage to practice my skillset. The more I learnt about myself and my own rituals the more confident I felt to ask the veil to be lifted.

I received a strong return message, that the veil had already lifted. My guides mocked me. I continued to go about my practices with an open mind to the idea, that at any time nightmares appeared, it meant the entity was coming.

Let me make this real clear; just because people are saying the veil is thin, does not mean that they are now seeing fairies in gardens, dead people walking on the road and demons in mirrors.

The entity did come but not because it was Halloween or even a full moon. It came back because Tom and I were energetically vulnerable, that's what entity's do... prey on low vibes.

(Again, when I feel it is safe to do so I plan on sharing my experience in performing an exorcism.)

Earlier this year, (after the evil stuff), the nightmares still hadn't come, and I am still half expecting to have a visual of all witchy things, when I found myself feeling very lonely in my friends and family groups. Since nurturing the everlasting knowledge within the universe, I can see purpose and meaning in everything. A bird flies in the sky, causing me to admire the beautiful sun. An opportunity doesn't work out, I can see that there is something better coming.

It is like I have another level of understanding to the world. In fact there is multiple layers, creating every one person's individual world. I can see people's intentions more obviously, and I can see the context of their circumstances and how it may add layers to the blueprint in their life and lives before this.

Having access to this seems super exciting until you reach a depth of understanding beyond those around you. Not to suggest any hierarchies but rather to consider that people can be experiencing the same messages with different takeaways.

My point being that this was a lonely place to be. To have this vision that is clear and focused on the most beautiful experiences, the most epic adventures and love stories; what a gift to be able to see the world in such a light... and then for your close ones to not be able to enjoy it with you.

To have people you care about, suffer in a place of self doubt and unworthiness, and not be able to convince them of the chaos they are surrounding themselves in; I was exhausted.

I wanted everyone around me to see what I could see.

I remember around a pretty full on moon cycle, it seemed as though everyone in my life was experiencing personal turmoil and it was like my head was banging on a wall trying to understand why no one could see what I could see.

I felt like I was in a dream, only it was more of a nightmare. The house was burning down and everyone around me was looking for an extinguisher and I am trying to tell them to go on the front lawn..

And then all the pieces of the puzzle clicked. This was the veil. I could see everything now.

You see the veil is not a physical item blocking your vision. The phrase defined is actually;
To divulge, explain, or reveal something that was previously a secret.

In spiritual context, this revelation the phrase implies, comes in the form of how we interpret and translate messages.

It is the centuries old stereotype that would have us believe that those who practice witchcraft and spiritual connections, have access to seeing walking spirits and predicting futures, and for the most part, if they wanted to they probably could, however this is relevant to the messages revealed and each individual's relationship with translating.

With Halloween approaching and 'the veil is thin' shares, this is a time where you energetically have access to downloads that may usually require more effort. But the veil is relevant to the secrets in your world and therefore you will only receive at the depths you are able to understand.

Here I was waiting for something to jump out of a nightmare because that is what my depth of understanding had me believe. I learnt that the repetitive cycle of being in a foggy place, unable to help those around me, was an interpretation of a nightmare to me. The masked creatures were people in my life relevant to the shadow work I had been avoiding to expand my vision.

Your spiritual journey is a never-ending one. With every download, lucid dream, or spiritual encounter, there is a learning to be gained, clearing the veil of fog that has clouded your vision and allowing an understanding of your view.

You have the power to work with your vision and call in support at any time.

I hope my story has shed clarification on what to expect when 'the veil is thin' and has empowered you to see your own veil for what it is.

Sending love, light, courage and protection.




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