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Releasing this blog, entering the month only a few days late, however just in time for the Libra new moon. It was only by coincidence the theme of this month's mindset blog was balance, and then I learned that the moon was libra. Libra is balance.

'Coincidence's are more than just 'uncanny' they are purpose.

October is the end of the astrological chapter. This month we will see heightened wisdom and clarity to bring alignment, in support of your next chapter. Astrologically we are reminded that what you focus on now is being received and transmitted until January.

This is not a cause to stress, you have the power, the knowledge and resources to embrace this month.

Coming out off the back of September's blog, we were working to regain control of our time. I was really impressed with how I maintained momentum on my weeks. I did manage for 3 out of 4, and then the 4th week I felt myself fall completely out of whack with routines, my connections and ultimately myself.

I, personally, was always going to choose balance as the theme, as I enter this new month with my 2nd laparoscopy, and endometriosis removal. I am predicted to require 3-4 weeks of bedrest. During this time I know that I struggle not being able to do things, and I feel like I am losing to time. I know that I am only going to have minimal efforts to give to my life and, the fear of losing time is pretty big for me; although not always rational.

To keep things rational for myself, establishing a level of balance between my efforts and my priorities, means I am able to gift what small energy I do have to the people and areas in my life that I need the most.

I talked a bit about balance on my instagram and did some polls that showed, most followers relating to feeling exhausted or experiencing a lack of traction. If you haven't already, this is usually a pretty great indicator that if you don't realign again soon, you are about to experience a burnout.

As always this blog is a resource for inspired action. It is up to you what you do with it. The purpose is to spark a challenging conversation with yourself that allows a deeper answer. Your secrets are safe with yourself; you are safe to work through the activities in this blog at your own pace and in your own way.


Mindset Model - Reading Meditation

Self Care Challenge


Girl and Her Moon

Wise Words


Words that come up for me around balance;


(Everything this new moon is about. Head to my post on insta to find out more about how we can work with the elements this month.)

With so many things to consider right now; some people doing Halloween, some people already doing Christmas and sending out event invites. It's the last term of school, I mean let's not even talk about the state of our government. Meanwhile there's a never ending basket of laundry, need to be fed or to feed and somehow we are supposed to pay the bills.. all while 'maintaining our best self'.

I refer to this as, the shit storm.

There is always going to be a storm.

It's life.

It throws us around every which way, tumbling us around. Almost as if we are in the waves during an outrageous storm.

Life is always going to have a storm, balance isn’t about pretending it isn’t raining. Balance is finding a way to keep all your clothes dry under the umbrella.

There is a freedom that comes with your focus. Freedom to be safe and to flourish. Your freedom is found in your everyday boundaries, the foundations you lay for you to give your life your best self.

I also refer to these foundations as, your life areas, the building bricks of your life.

This month I have put together a reading meditation for you to establish clarity and stability, in your everchanging storm.


Reading Meditation;

To participate in the reading meditation, I encourage you to find a quiet place, free from distraction. Here is one of my favourite meditation playlists if you would like some peaceful music. Light a candle to represent your essence in the space, and find a comfortable position to sit in.

Take a deep breath in. And breathe out. Again take a breath in. And out. Notice that your breath matches the pace at which you read. Take the next few sentences to find your rhythm. Matching breath to the words on the page, become one with your body and mind to master the rhythm of your breath.

As you come into yourself, finding your centre. Pay attention to the air that you breath through you nostrils. Feel the temperature of the air, as it softly passes the skin on your nose. Notice how you are holding your mouth. Relax the tension in your jaw. As you unclench your teeth, feel the release of tension, from the back of your jaw, releasing tension down your neck and further to your shoulders.

Notice your hands and how they hold this reading device. Breathe in, through your nostrils, down your unclenched jaw, moving through your neck and continuing to move the air through your body as if you could push it into your hands. Pause in a moment of breath.

Come back to finding your rhythm. Breathing in deeply to your heart space. Lifting the tight hold you have on your chest. Feel a sense of tingle as the air lights your heart, flooding your entire body. Let it flood into your seat and connect you to earth.

Your body now filled with a tingly, love and light. Come back to your nose, as a reminder of this moment.

Pay attention to the air as it passes your nostrils, reminding you, the air you are breathing right now has, and continues to touch your heart. You are glowing. Beaming with light. In this moment, you are free to believe that any fear that you have is wasted. Fear of love. Fear of rejection. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not being enough.

You are light. Your fears are wasted in this moment. In this moment it is just you. This is the youest version of yourself. You are free.

Breath in freedom and let it lift your chest. As your chest rises, it feels like you are filling with butterflies. They are flying inside of you and will surely carry you off the ground. Let a sensation of floating drift into your body. Letting yourself feel a pull to reach higher. You don’t know what is at the top of this higher place, but it is hopeful. A higher place that fills you with warmth, a warmth that welcomes reassurance. Let yourself trust, controlling the your pace as you float away from the ground. Raising to a restful place.

As you begin to suspend higher out of your body, I want you to practice remembering your beaming light, and the power that you hold. Let it shine in your whole body. It is in this place, of connecting to your most powerful self, that has led you to be weightless. Floating in a place you never thought possible, though never more at home.

In this suspense you are safe to embrace your courage. Embrace your heartache and the strength that it has taken you to nurture yourself. Embrace your light. Let it glow through your wounds as if they were cracks in a wall.

In this space you know that it is has always been you that healed yourself. It has always been you to find power and strength in your struggles. It will continue to be you. This feeling of wholeness is too much to not revisit. You are worthy of embracing this power again.

Consider a time most recently in your life that you needed to use your power. When were you called upon most recently? Did you turn up with your power? Consider again what your power enables in you. The light that cracks through wounds. Healing what once cracked you. Healing with love, nurture, attention and effort.

Consider again where you were called to use your power. Did you? How did you intend on your power being received? What were your intentions? Were they received? Hold this scenario in your mind. Take a breath in again, connecting to your individualised power. Let it seep through your wounded cracks, and bring the scenario where your power was needed into your mind. Continue to hold your pace as you breath your beaming light, onto the scenario. Replaying it in your mind, and your heart, feel your power health the wound.

Your power is you and your heart. Going into October, hold onto this light. Breath into your cracks and remember the individual love you nurtured yourself with. These are your natural strengths. It’s time to stop wasting your effort. Stop wasting precious time with those closest to you, with a washed out version of yourself. Shine your power onto your life this October and let what matters most to you cast shadows over your fears and doubts.

Remember to breath in through your nose. Relax your jaw. Breath into your hands. Feel the sensation as you slip back into yourself. Only this time you are glowing. From this moment it is clear where your light is needed. This time you will turn up with your power through breath. A promise to your higher self, that you will call on them when you need them. And only when you need them. This is your life. You decide where to give your power.


Self Care Challenge;

This month I challenge you to go out of your way to practice self connection. You can do this with the provided reading meditation, maybe with a card reading for yourself, writing down your answers to the featured reflections in a physical book.

Find your higher self at least once this month. If you do this regularly, connect in by reminiscing on the times you are connected and get real on what this means for you.

Sing a song, draw, paint, make clay, have deep conversations. Run on the sand at the beach. Laugh loud.

Go out of you way at least once this month to connect with yourself.



Reflections are a way to check in on yourself. How you answer these questions is completely up to how honest you want to be with yourself. No one is going to read your answers.

I encourage to write all your answers down. Even if they are only bullet point answers to begin with, then go back through and start to write the conversation of thoughts.

(This month's reflections are based on the context of the meditation.)

Even if only briefly, have you tapped into your self power?

How do you feel about your power?

What do you think your power is made of?

Who and where do you share most of your light with?

With who and/or what you share your life with, will it matter still in 5 years?

What areas of your life need your light?

Who adds to your light?

Where can you give your light, that will in turn refuel your light?

How does it benefit those around you when you step into your power?

How does it benefit the connection your share with the universe when you hold your light?

Who are you and what qualities do you hold when you hold your light?


Girl and Her Moon;


Wise Words;

This month I am going in hopeful. I have this surgery and I am not sure what they will discover and if this will be my last, however I am hopeful that nothing is ever for nothing.

Just like this blog being posted today, nothing is ever a coincidence; therefore I refuse to believe that whatever journey I am on right now is a coincidence. There is purpose in everything.

There is also purpose in taking this time off to rest and recover. Stepping into the final quarter of another hell of a year, we are all being called to find our centre and rework our life scales. When it comes to seeking and maintaining balance this month, remember this is for your future. Will what you're spending your light on matter in 5 years? The purpose behind that question is to get you framing your lack of energy and positioning it on a scale of value.

This scale of value is balance.

Good luck to you all this month! I will be returning doing readings and moon events before the end of October, but if you ever have any questions or even just wanted to chat, I am most contactable via my instagram.

Love and light to you all.

All you can do is try; so you have to try everyday.

You deserve it.



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