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On Mondays We Train Chest

*This workout program was given to me by a qualified fitness professional; which I am not. All workouts should be carried out with correct form and under professional supervision. Before performing any exercise, consult with a professional to decide if it is right for you and your fitness goals.*

Typically, I start all my workouts with a compound movement. This is using a group of muscles together. The benefit of compound movements is working multiple muscles at once and to access more strength. Once I have completed my compound workout, I move on to isolating each individual muscle. I have been taught that this is ‘physique training’.

If we use the concept that our biggest muscles hold the most strength; when doing a compound movement the largest muscle will carry majority of the load and therefore fatigue first and to maximise each muscle individually is why it makes sense to start with our largest muscles and work through to our smallest.

All of my workouts are based off of this theory.


This is my chest and triceps workout

Warm up (consider your warmup the time to correct your form, activate your muscles and lubricate your joints. Should be up to half your max weight.)

Push ups 2 x Sets 10 Reps or Flat bench chest press DB/BB x 2 Sets 10-12 Reps


Flat bench chest press (Targets all chest) DB/BB 3 x Sets 12-15 reps

Incline bench chest press (Targets upper chest) DB/BB 3 x Sets 12-15 reps

Decline Push ups (Targets lower chest) 2 x Sets 10 reps

Super Set (Means there is no rest between exercises; this is to increase the intensity of your workout. I add them at the end of my muscle group because the muscles are usually fatigued at this point and I want to boost my heart rate before moving onto the next muscle group. Using the below as an example; total of 4 sets, complete 1 on flat bench and move straight onto incline bench and then back to flat before finishing again on incline.)

Flat bench Fly

DB 2 x Sets 15 reps

Incline bench fly DB 2 x Sets 15 reps


Announcement! I have just gotten strong enough to do body weight dips!

Dips 3 x Sets of 7 (That’s all I can do right now)

Cable tricep extensions with rope 3 x Sets 12-15 Reps

1 x Drop Set (A drop set is completing a set of the heaviest weight you can manage with good form and then dropping to the weight below for as many reps as you and repeating.)

I am usually pretty dead at this point but will work to finish on as many triangle push ups as I can to really fatigue my muscles.

When I first started to work on my weightloss journey I had a fitbit and I would work to keep my heart rate elevated at a maintainable rate and I would rest accordingly. This was usually be 90 – 120 seconds, always working to have good form on my sets so this meant I didn’t always push a lot of weight.

Now as I am working towards a goal of building more muscle I allow for longer rest periods so I can lift a heavier load; this is about 3 minutes.

The key to any exercise program is consistency, however our bodies are made for routine and therefore will adapt to your exercises. As your strength grows so will your coordination and endurance. This is why we can experience a plateau in results and it’s then that you should consider mixing up your training style.

I have a cycle of training for about 4-6 weeks with consistent, long rest periods with heavy weights and will then change back to short rests and higher reps, meaning less weight.

I am confident in knowing when my body is ready for a change and I also like to change up between dumbbell only workouts one week and then all cable or barbell the next week to keep my body guessing; however consistency over everything. Ask yourself am I plateauing or... am I bored?

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