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Planning for your most motivated days

At the start of this year I talked about January being a 'warm up' month.

I am currently working towards some new fitness goals and my plan this month was to GET ORGANISED. I wanted to keep you updated on something I am doing to be more organised this month.

When it comes to accountability and consistency there first needs to be something to be accountable to.

I start by planning my week to include my 'ideal day'. This day is my 'average day' with the best case scenario and then I consider the week and identify their most motivated days; the days it is easiest to carry out my ideal version.

The idea is to take some pressure off of an entire week and work for my ideal day, on my most motivated days so I will always have the best case outcome.

Eventually as I practice using the peaks of motivation to my advantage my routine will become enjoyable and I will want everyday to be an ideal day.

Ever heard of the phrase 'don't bite off more than you can chew?'
That relates to this exactly.

When we try to commit to something new all at once there is always going to be a drop in our motivations and we want to retreat back to our comfort zones; this practise is a way to prevent being discouraged and to ease into the transition that will ultimately form our routine of our 'best case scenario'.

Here's my upcoming week

To discover your ideal day;

Bring your whole week to mind and reflect on the key areas in life you want to improve (friendships and relationships, family and home life, fitness, etc).

With your areas of improvement, now consider one immediate action you could take, throughout the week, that would benefit each area.

Now consider your most motivated day in your week, and it's usual routine day, then look for opportunities to add in any tasks that are going to improve your life.

Your ideal day might have you going for a Sunday afternoon walk before dinner, or it might have you reading 1 chapter of your book on a Tuesday afternoon. The point is to make a plan of what your best case scenario would look like; the more detailed you can be about what you're doing the easier it is for you to visualise and commit to.

Once you know your ideal day and your most motivated days, practice scheduling around your peak motivation throughout your week.

HOT TIP If you are struggling to find a spot to fit in a 'task', try scheduling in time for that task.

For eg. Sundays are the best days for me to meal prep and tidy my house for the start of a new week. So I would look at my weekly planner and schedule in 2.5 hours time spending meal prepping and cleaning. I don't commit to a time during the day but I just know that I am to dedicate that much time to it.

Another eg. A mentee of mine wanted to paint more but couldn't see a realistic spot to do it in her week, so we considered how much time she wanted to paint for and she was able to 'budget' for 1 hours painting time on a Wednesday afternoon.

Have a go at planning your ideal week and practice scheduling around your motivation times. When your week is over, ask yourself if you felt more accomplished.

Keep me updated if you had a productive week; I would love to know what worked for you.

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Hope you all have a great week!!!

All we can do is try, so we have to try everyday

You deserve it



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