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So many people starting their ‘passion projects’ but what’s my passion?

At the core root of everything in our lives is our values; they are our guiding forces.

So often life becomes so hectic that we can lose ourselves. As wives and as mothers, partners and in work; we put others needs before our own. Staying back to make sure the shift is set up properly for the next person. Staying up later because the kids wanted to paint this afternoon and now it needs to be packed away and somehow everyone is still fed.. But because you decided to sacrifice your time for their needs, now there goes the time you going to spend reading a chapter of the book you’ve been promising yourself..

But then at the end of the day, when it’s time to go to bed and you’ve given your energy to everyone else, how does your heart feel? Are you content? Do you know what it would take or do you know how to feel content?

When you have been running around after everyone else and serving everyone else’s needs how satisfied do you feel? In the beginning we all know it starts out because we want to and it does make us feel good to do all these things for those we love and that is because; we value relationships and connection. But soon enough you lose yourself after continually compromising.

So now, in all this ‘time’ that we have because of COVID what do you want to do? Do you know? How can you give back to yourself?

"So many people starting their ‘passion projects’ but what’s my passion?"

I have attached an activity in this blog to help you uncover what it is that you value


- Screenshot the list at the bottom of this page - Write down (with a pen and paper) all the values that resonate with you and set your soul on fire.

- Then, narrow it down to your top 10. More than one value can land in a category. Family might be a value and friendship might be another but together you might value relationships.

- If you can narrow it down AGAIN to your top 3-5.

Consider these values for a minute. Meditate with them and manifest, with your top values in mind, what it is that you do or can do to honor these values?

If you value freedom when do you feel the most free? For me it is when I am writing this blog. This is my passion project. I feel free when I am walking my dogs, when I am creating in my planner.

Now I challenge you to find yours and tag me or dm me any snaps of what you’re doing with your time to honor your values.

I value love and relationships, again that’s why I walk my dogs, that’s why I cook meals for my husband because that’s how I show love. Some of these things we might already do but when you connect it to your value it’s a good reminder to have gratitude for those moments.

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Be the best version of yourself

Try everyday; you deserve it



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