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Sometimes the best place to start isn't at the beginning, sometimes the best place is in your dreams

Coming in to a new year I have started craving to plan out some goals.

I find that usually I will map out an idea on my vision board or use it to schedule my month and afterwards I feel a sense of release, a feeling of expression, of power, control and hope.

Action inspires motivation.

And doing a vision board, for me, is the first step of action that motivates my ideas.

Throughout this massive year I have created a habit of practicing goal and I find myself going into a new year, into a transition of the unknown. I feel deep craving to feel heard, to feel held and supported, I have a craving for closure through expression.

I have thought since the start of this month that this might be the first new years I decide to do some goal setting. I regularly plan my month out, however, if I am honest, big dreams and goals scare me so I usually will only plan a quarter year at a time.

I remember this time last year the air was almost electric with a sense of a big change coming our way. We all knew 2020 was going to be huge and was it ever?! I was so incredibly excited for something huge that my initiative was not to make any plans and go with the flow. This lack of pressure of not needing to have a next move mapped out, it allowed me the freedom to really dream and go with opportunities that came my way.

2020 was life changing and I am so grateful to go into the new year with this new version of myself. Admittedly, I am also a little nervous that we are all going to experience some major teething pains throughout 2021 as we navigate our new lives. My biggest concern with this is being afraid that something might hinder my growth. Knowing that veering off my path of growth makes me nervous, solidifies my desire to have a clear plan on what my intentions are for this new year.

2021 I am starting as a brand new me; I am a business owner, a wife, a friend, a lady, a goddess.

I have a few ideas that I have for the beginning of the year but I haven't known where to start because I didn't have a clear vision. This morning it came to me that creating a vision and becoming clear on my vision, that is, the start.

I am going to start by spending time simply dreaming of all possibilities and writing down any ideas that connect with my heart. I did a blog earlier this year about how to dream and this is how I'll be practicing while I set up my 2021.

I want to go in to the new year riding my dreams like a magic carpet.

Photo of Tom, Myself, Demon and Angel

Although somewhat nervous, I am faithful to the belief that it will always be worth it. Everything we endure has a purpose; nothing is every a coincidence because we are always exactly where we are meant to be. So in moments of the unknown, moments of discomfort and pain, I have faith that I will always come out on the other side and will thank my experiences for teaching me invaluable lessons that reassure me, everything was worth it.

Have you thought about some of the things you want to accomplish going in to the new year?

I invite you to practice dreaming with me; here's my blog.

I also recommend using the reflection questions from this month's layout, to prompt your goal setting experience.

I am really looking forward to the new year and everything I have dreamt of sharing with you. If you want to stay up to date subscribe to my blog xxx

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