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Like everyone the last few days have been pretty heavy. I’ve noticed everyone I have spoken to has said they’ve just been embracing that couch life and even myself I have been slow and sad.

But I am over it. I don’t want to be sad.. and I know that is a direct result of not really ‘doing anything’ but I am also resenting doing the things I ‘should’ be doing, that usually, would satisfy my lack-of-productivity-bug.

So here’s what I have been doing. I have been LOVING on myself exactly how I need to be loved.

For those of you that don’t know about the 5 Love languages, it is a theory that we all receive and give love in different ways that translate into the 5 love languages. Most people refer to this to better their skills of giving love in ways that those closest to them, whether at home, romantically or even in a place of work, can receive it. What I am challenging you to do is to consider your own love language and use it on yourself while we are locked at home and involve your family and friends.

If you don't know your language there is heaps of free short quizes on online x

Imagine if you could love yourself enough to gift your time, services and words in an exact language that you could receive. What a beautiful thing it would be to create a habit of communicating with yourself through love. There is so much more in this that we can unlock to drive ourselves towards our goals and life wheel categories but for now lets focus on the space that we are in which is; just needing a little bit of lovin’.

Here are some definitions of your love language and some things you can do to get your love on!

Words of affirmation; Using words to build yourself up. Look for opportunities to talk to yourself nicely. What makes you feel good about yourself? Find a way to show a reminder to yourself.

Activities that use words of affirmations; journaling, telling stories, writing a blog

Touch; Needing to feel connected. Use your hands to create.

Activites; Any kind of art, gardening, cooking/baking, redecorating (this is different from reorgansing), building

Quality time: Undivided attention. No distractions. What ever you are doing turn your phone off and don’t have the TV playing in the background.

Activities; board games, puzzles, reading, meditation.

Acts of service; Actions to groom, labour of love. Require thought, time and effort.. All those things that you want to do for yourself but never do. Things you would thank yourself for later, not from a productivity place but genuinely if you had a little elf for a day that would do anything for you… be your own elf.

Activities; hanging your artwork or photos, self groom ie eyebrows or give yourself a pedicure, change your sheets.

Gifts; need to feel loved and appreciated. Celebrate yourself. Treat yo’self

Activities; Open the face creams you haven’t, light the candles that you’ve been saving, cook your favourite meal as a treat for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed these activity ideas and exploring the different love languages. But Most of all I hope that now you get to spend some time loving yourself.

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Be the best version of yourself

Try everyday; you deserve it



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