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The First Time I Saw a Ghost..

The first time I saw a ghost I would have been somewhere between the age of 6-8? I was still young at the time.

We weren't raised to have overly religious or even spiritual beliefs. Mum held some Catholic faith form her childhood values, otherwise we were free to believe in whatever we wanted.

I sometimes felt privileged over the other kids because looking back, I really felt like I was an Alice in a Wonderland. Like I had two realities where anything was possible. One reality full of colour and magic, the other reality was more serious and disciplined.

I had finished playing on the driveway for the afternoon and I was making my way back inside, behind the back of the family car, to the front door.

As I was walking past, out of the corner of my eye I saw a young lady sitting on the back of the car. She reminded me of someone sitting on a horse carriage the way she was perched up on the roof, her feet on the boot.

I did a double take but she was gone. I stood there for a second questioning if she was there or my imagination, I wouldn't have been surprised at either, except I could see her so clearly in my mind.

Dressed like what I believed to be from the '1920's, (no idea what time she was actually from.) She had these gorgeous white lace shoes with frilly white socks, a long white skirt that fell half way down her shins, white gloves to her elbows and a medium sized white bonnet tied with a bow under her chin.

I figured she wasn't there anymore, brushed it off, and continued my day.

Somewhere around the same age I was walking through the backyard and I saw a boy out the corner of my eye. I turned so quickly to try see him, but he was gone.

I straight away thought of the lady and questioned my imagination.

I held sight of his outfit, dressed from a similar time as the young lady, with black leather school type shoes and high socks, with pressed black dress shorts, I imagined held up by suspenders. He wore a white collared, short sleeve shirt, and a cardigan-type vest, completing the look with a soft, flat, black hat. His hat was one I thought shoe cleaners might collect their money in.

I didn't really know what to make of it other than, both times I really thought I had seen someone... Either way they were both gone and never came back.

Fast forward to being about.. 12? We were still in the same family home and I had had my cat for about 4 or 5 years. His name was Tomcat. I loved this cat so much, we shared a real connection that had him come to me when I called to him, and some afternoons he would wait for me to come home from school on the driveway, greeting me by running toward me and purring loudly. We spent loads of time outside together because he was an outside cat.

At night he slept on my window sill. He would always let me know he was coming to the window by meowing, mid jump, so when he landed on the the sill, his meow changed? When he was there he would press his face onto the security screen and I would scratch his face through the screen.

Tomcat was unfortunately hit by a car and my dad buried him in the back garden where we used to spend time together. I was devastated and used to sit and talk to him; I even remember laying a blanket over the ground where he was buried because I didn't want him to get cold..

One night several weeks after he had passed, I heard something in the garden outside my window, and then the meow noise. My lights where off and I had only just walked into my room. I froze. I almost thought I could hear him, as if he were rubbing his face into the fly screen waiting for me to pat him..

So I did. I went and sat on my bed rubbing the screen as if he were really there. I remember just crying and really feeling overwhelmed by the love we shared. (I am crying just writing this..)

He visited me a few more times after that and we just sat at the window together.

I haven't actually told anyone about Tomcat and I, sharing those moments.. As we grow older our serious self takes over and we lose touch with our connections. Over time when messages come through for us we can spend time second guessing them or downplaying them to a point we may not even believe them.

Over the years I deemed majority of my 'witchy woo' experiences as my imagination or coincidences... until I started seeing ghosts when I was an adult.

I had a pretty intense experience with an entity when I was 17, I am not going to share into this now as I am sticking to ghost and spirit stories. However, this experience went for months and if you can imagine the movie Paranormal Activity, Tom and I both lived it and it cemented our belief in the supernatural, and other realms alike, having access to ours.

My takeaway from the experience confirmed my belief also that; I was 'special', energies and ghosts were real, and I could translate that.

So when I was 20 we had just moved into a new place that we shared with a few other people. One I hadn't met prior to moving in together, for context I didn't know anything about her.

I was in the kitchen cooking, my house mate was sitting across the bench having a chat with me. While we were talking I saw my vision go out of focus and everything blended into a white blur. From the top of my head I felt this warmth wash down my body, filling me with an extreme sense of pride, joy and celebration, a deep love and admiration. It was an out of body experience for probably 20-30 seconds and I came back into my body where my house mate seamlessly, remained chatting her life away. I had no recollection of what she had said and felt like my skin was glowing with the leftover charge, I kind of looked around myself to see if she could see it.

I had no idea what had just happened.

Later that night when Tom and I were in bed going to sleep I said, 'I think ****'s grandfather just tried to talk to me..'. (I am not sure why I said grandfather, it was kind of a total 'guess'.) Tom and I, both agreed it couldn't have been a ghost, and both scared from our previous paranormal experience, said to leave it alone.

I remember so clearly, it was winter, all the windows were closed and the fan was off. I was spinning around the thought of if it were possible that someone's grandfather was communicating with me, and should I tell that person? As I lay there, sitting on the bedside table was an empty, foam, drink cooler. I didn't see it move until I saw the shadow of it suspended in the air above the end of the bed. The foam cooler dropped to the ground with a distinct sound as it bounced and rolled from impact.

As this happened I heard laughter in my head and words saying 'it's ok, it's me. You can tell her'. So then I was left with a cooler that had floated in the air, a voice in my head telling me to go tell her a girl I had just met, that her grandfather, to which I knew nothing of their previous relationship, was reaching out to her through me. Cool.

When I look back this message was for a test to prepare me for today's work..

The next day I was super overwhelmed and just started googling anything 'talking to ghost related'. What I found was so insightful

When ghosts are trying to communicate to you it can take a lot of their energy, they can come through in small messages, like butterflies, birds, a coin on the ground or a cloud in the sky.

If they are trying a little harder and you are open, they can send messages through songs, advertising signs, the radio, things people say or through the tv.

Messages can even sometimes, come through in dreams, memories or flashbacks with intense emotions attached. If they want to say something, we can also hear it come through in their voice however they can opt for using your own voice as to not startle you.

With this in mind, I was settled by considering that the words I had heard when the stubby cooler had been dropper, although in my voice, they did not feel attached to myself or my thoughts. Therefore if he were reaching out to me it would make sense, that with intentions of not startling me, he would use my voice.

I had also reached out to a blogger on a forum I had found in my desperate search, she claimed to be a medium. I was questioning the ethics in approaching someone you didn't totally know with a message.

The medium's response confirmed that regardless of relationship, everyone genetically has a grandfather and he was trying to reach out. It was basically up to how I presented it to how she would receive it, and from their I could decide whether I continued relationships with both parties. She also affirmed that if my first instinct was that it was him then to know that he was 100% making himself known to me. Part of this job was trust.

I opened my new housemate up to a vulnerable conversation with a heads up text 😂 that I had something to share. She invited me into her room and as soon as I walked in the very first thing I saw was a photograph of an elderly couple, arms around each other smiling, in some beautiful tourist location. I knew it was him.

I asked what her beliefs were around spirits and ghosts just to see where she was at. She told me she was sceptical but willing to listen. After I started to explain about her grandfather I also received a feeling about the lady in the photo. A feeling that her grandparents had found each other and were moving on.

After I finished, this poor girl was sobbing. She then proceeded to tell me that she had spoken with her dad earlier that day. He had never cried about his dad's death, until the same night I received the messages, he was watching TV and a father son moment came on, he felt a wave of emotion come over him and he sat sobbing; grieving his dad.

Me reaching out to her had been total confirmation that he was trying to get through.

Since then I have 'seen' a few different family members and had relatives come through for people attending moon parties.

My biggest learning curve has been to trust what I am receiving and then passing that on.

I am always learning and always opening myself up to growth and along the way I am gaining connection and love.

Sending both to you


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