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Tuesdays are for Back and Biceps

*This workout program was given to me by a qualified fitness professional; which I am not. All workouts should be carried out with correct form and under professional supervision. Before performing any exercise, consult with a professional to decide if it is right for you and your fitness goals.*

Although you cannot spot fat reduce, which means to reduce fat in one 'spot'; when I first started my fitness journey I was self conscious of my posture and the rolls on my back where my bra would sit. Training back was one of my favourite muscle groups because my back was one of my key focus areas.

And with back muscles I was taught to train biceps; which very quickly become my favourite muscle to train because I thought if I had a bicep, when I told people I went to the gym, they would stop replying with, 'do you really?', because my bicep would be so big they wouldn't even have to ask.

So here's how it goes;

I typically train with this routine, as mentioned in my previous blog On Monday's We Train Chest





I love to start a back workout with a warm up on the row machine.

Build a comfortable, fast pace and row for 150m-200m and then will sprint row for 150m, back to the comfortable pace for 100m-150m and then sprint again for 150m. I will repeat this until I have completed a total of 1000m.

I can proudly say I used to cheat on this and would row real slow when I wasn't sprinting... let me tell you it is so much easier to keep the momentum and just get it done.

Then I open my shoulders with rotator cuff exercises with 1-2kg DB

(DB means dumbbells)

2 x Sets 10 Reps


Latt pull down Wide bar (Targets widest part of latts) 3 x Sets 12-15 Reps

Narrow grip (Targets middle part of latts)

2 x Sets 15-20 Reps

At this point my heart rate has usually dropped and to keep momentum I will do a 'finisher' by doing a sort of 'half pull up'. I do this by setting up for a pull up and only moving to the range of my latt, rather than following all the way through.

1-2 x Sets with as many reps as I can

Double hand cable row

Wide bar (Targets widest part of rhomboids)

3 x Sets 12-15 Reps

Narrow grip (Targets middle part of rhomboids)

2 x Sets 15-20 Reps


Standing Hammer Curls (Targets bicep with forearm assist)

DB 3 x Sets 12-15 Reps

21's BB Curl

The purpose of this exercise it to build strength by targeting the muscle at the hardest part of the workout; top and bottom.**

Start under grip and curl the BB up until 90 degrees for 7 reps, without rest follow through the whole curl movement and stopping at the top, curling the bar down until 90 degrees and repeat for 7 reps. Without rest complete 7 full curls.

Trust me; your biceps will be screaming if you have done this properly



BB Over hand grip

2 x Sets 10 Reps

BB Under grip

2 x Sets 10 Reps

And that's it. My resting time is 90-120 seconds and all of the above exercises are carried out double hand and I will usually alternate the following week with single hand with no rests in between each hand.

It is important when we are training to isolate that we don't jump from single to double hand in the same session.

Eg. 10 reps on left arm and then 10 reps on right and then resting for 90 seconds before doing a double hand workout has not allowed the same recovery period for the left arm as the right arm.

I typically try to avoid doing single and double handed workouts in the same session to maintain symmetry and if I do happen to swap I rest for another 60-90 seconds, and do a few star jumps or push ups to get my heart rate going again, meanwhile either side of my body evens out to the same level of fatigue.

Good luck with this one. I will be posting a workout a week with the muscle groups I train together; you can subscribe to get notified when I post again but no pressure.

I also have some great playlists I love to train to in my ‘highlights’ on my insta.

All we can do is try; so we have to try everyday

You deserve it



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