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What is manifestation?

I googled it and there isn’t a super clear definition that resonates with me. However, the most common answer is when something is really obvious and evident to our senses.

With that in mind when we manifest something it is creating a really evident and obvious scenario for that something.

This sounds vague I know but that’s because there is so many different ways you can do this.

You can write a manifestation, create a vision board, speak it into existence, it could be represented by a song or a perfume; what matters is that it connects to you and that it is clear.

Let’s take a step back for a second and consider the circle of life and how everything is connected.

The sun and the moon creates the condensation that encourages rain, which hydrates the land and then we eat from the land, (veggies or meat) and when we die the cycle repeats.

Everything is connected and this is what I mean when I talk about ‘the universe’. We have a vibrational energy that we put out to the universe and it always goes somewhere; full circle.

With manifesting we have the ability to use this energetic vibration intentionally.

An easy example of manifesting is our self talk. Telling ourselves that we are not capable of something and that watch us not be able to do that something.

Or another example; what about a time when you thought, ‘wouldn’t it be so nice to have a new fridge?’ and then your fridge breaks forcing you to get a ‘new’ fridge.

In your mind you probably meant a fridge with a water and ice dispenser however you needed a quick fix for a fridge and you ended up getting your work friends’ old one and its missing the ice trays in the freezer and the crisper draws.. or wait, was that just me? 😉

The power of manifesting and putting things out into the universe is incredible. Sometimes you ask for something and if it isn’t clear enough the universe will return to us what we asked for but not always what we meant.

So when I decided to start manifesting I actually got a little paranoid because I was having flash backs of Disney TV shows like ‘That’s so Raven’ or ‘Hannah Montanna’ where the lead character gets EXACTLY what they asked for. I began to ask myself things like if there was a genie in a bottle and I only got 3 wishes what could I ask for and get the most out of my ‘wish’.

Obviously money is something that I wanted to wish for but then I thought, well that could just be $2 on the ground and that is still money. Or, getting my tax refund, which is always great, until immediately after your electricity and registration bills come through and I didn’t actually get ‘money’.

What I really wanted was, financial stability, financial growth and to be comfortable financially. Once I started to consider that I had the power to direct my energy intentionally I began to really get clear on what I actually wanted.

Whether you are into ‘the universe’, ‘witchy woo’ or not, the very practice of becoming clear on what you want is creating a moment with your true self and gaining clarity on what you really desire.

I want you to imagine 3 things that you wanted to wish into your life right now, and then imagine them at their most extreme version.

Eg. Self confidence; an extreme version of self confidence could be an ‘ego -trip’ or arrogance. Maybe what you really want is comfort within yourself. Again what does that look like on an extreme version? Maybe what you want is self acceptance?

You can use this to really define what you are asking from yourself and the universe.

Once you know what you want, that is manifestation. And from there you can create a vision board or write a love letter to yourself. It doesn’t need to be a ‘ritual’ it’s just an honest moment with yourself.

I personally like to remind myself of the connection we all have to each other and the space we are in.

I search in Spotify ‘calming mediation music’ and usually a playlist comes up. I gather all my crystals and I put them at the entry way to my space before I walk around saging or smudging my space. This is a cleansing ritual and I practice gratitude aloud as I walk through thanking what no longer serves me and asking the universe to send me what I truly desire.

Later I translate this into my vision board and schedule in actions that I can take to make my manifestations a reality.

If there is anything that I hope you can take away from this, it’s that you are always listening. And by you I mean the universe. When you begin your self talk, good or bad, I challenge you to ask, if that is truly what you mean. If the genie in the bottle was listening, would that be what you truly wanted to spend your wish on?

I hope you enjoyed this blog and would love to hear what you do to help gain clarity with yourself.

All you can do is try so we have to try everyday

You deserve it



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