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Training Abs is for sure one of my favourite muscle groups. You use your abs for everything and can be hard to ‘hurt them’, so when they are sore the day after an ab workout, it makes me proud because I worked hard enough to hurt them.

*This workout program was given to me by a qualified fitness professional; which I am not. All workouts should be carried out with correct form and under professional supervision. Before performing any exercise, consult with a professional to decide if it is right for you and your fitness goals.*

I also found that as my abdominal strength grew I recognised how much stronger the rest of my body was when they were engaged and supporting me. My top abs were the first to show but I really wanted to work on my ‘muffin top’ and learnt that women naturally store more fat over our lower abdomen to protect our womb and keep it warm. Which made me feel a bit better because we are actually supposed to have a ’pouch’ but also just meant I had to work extra hard to build muscle there.

My ab workouts predominately target lower abs and obliques because I feel they are a sign of strength in your core; like you have to train to have them.

One of my favourite insta accounts to follow is @clairpthomas and that is because hers abs are INSANE! She posts her workouts regularly and one day she posted with a quote “If you want crazy hard abs, you have to train abs crazy hard”. And ever since abs is one of my hardest sesh’s throughout the week.

WARM UP 5-7 minutes on stair machine moderate to high speed 1km on Elliptical; sprinting for 150m every 150m

LOWER ABS Hanging leg raises with medicine ball Alternative is leg raises on ab cruncher with Pilates ball, alternative is laying leg raises with Pilates ball 3 x Sets 10-12 Reps

SUPERSET Knees to chest on bench medicine ball or Pilates ball in between my feet 2 x Sets 20 Reps Scissor kicks on bench 2 x Sets 20 Reps

UPPER ABS Hanging crunches with medicine ball above head Alternative sit ups with medicine ball or no weight 3 x Sets 12-15 Reps

SUPERSET Raised toe touches with or without weight 2 x Sets 20 Reps L Sit ups 2 x Sets 10 Reps

OBLIQUES Russian twists with weight and Pilates ball between knees 3 x Sets 15 Reps either side

Weighted oblique stretches 4 x Sets 15 Reps either side

And that’s my ab workout.
If you try it I would so love to know how you go. And if you love seeing my workouts please subscribe to my blog in time for next WORKOUT WEDNESDAY

All we can do it try; so we have to try every day

You deserve it



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