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Your definition of success will determine whether you succeed

I so loved seeing this post by@emilyfonnesbeck_rd because RESILIENCE when circumstances change has been a recurring theme for me all week.

When obstacles appear, that our out of our control, and make us feel as if it is impossible to succeed we need to REDEFINE OUR VERSION OF SUCCESS.

Evaluate your VALUES; What is currently the most important thing in your life? Compare this to your goals. Once you have uncovered your priorities and the missing links between those and your current commitments you can make adjustments to your routine and RECOMMIT TO YOUR WHY and you use this process to continue to reach for YOUR OWN VERSION OF SUCCESS with an action plan that has you coming out on top every time because you because you are striving towards what fulfils you the most.

Everyone's version of success is different and yours will change many times throughout the course of your life; don’t waste time putting yourself down and making yourself feel less than through attempting to force a dream that’s lost it’s WHY.

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